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August 9, 2011

Ben Jones: Leader

I really want to believe this.  I do.  I've just got to see tangible evidence on the field of that before I'll do so.

Ben, by all accounts, is as genuine and real as the article makes him out to be.  Country strong. I hear the great stories about him and his locker room leadership.  I've seen the intensity on the field.  However, I waited and waited and waited to hear about him stepping up in the locker room last season.

Maybe it was what happened at the end of the Mississippi State game.  Maybe he isn't a run the coaches off and have a prayer meeting type of guy.  Heavens know Georgia could have used that along about 9:20 Mountain Time on October 2, 2010. There was no evidence that he, or anyone, did that last year.

I don't say this to knock Ben.  He's been a Damn Good Dawg and outside of a few plays, plays that inappropriately overshadow his consistently strong play, he has been a fantastic center.  He is one of my favorite Dawgs.  I just wonder why he didn't put someone, anyone, against a locker last season and come down on them.

I really want to believe.  Hopefully, I'll have reason to.  Based on his vocal leadership during practice, I will.


Bob said...

Ever think he might have been out numbered by the energy vampires last year. We have flushed a lot of guys from the system. He couldn't fight them all.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't save his personal foul for Auburn when the OL allowed Murray to get the crap knocked out of him.

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