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August 8, 2011

One Difference Between Richt and Dooley

Sorry, not drawing a comparison between Vince and Richt.  Richt and Derek Dooley.  Perhaps you have heard about the arrest of Vol's senior Austin Johnson last month for basic stupidity. You know, the kind that would get you two games and a weekend of steps in Athens. 

In Knoxville, it gets you court costs and 'internal punishment.'  The snarkiest among you would say that the difference is a police force that views behavior one way, versus the other way. 

The chief difference is the way they view publicity over the player punishment:
"If we could go back three days and just erase everything (media outlets) wrote, it'd be great news but we can't do that," Dooley said after Thursday's practice at Haslam Field, according to the Tennessean.
I imagine it would.  That way Precious could just pretend like it never happened.

Say what you want about Richt, but if you want a good example of soft on player conduct, look north.  Richt might not want the bad publicity, but he doesn't blame the media's handling of news as a way to divert from the issue of a "team leader" banging up cars and starting a fracas and how the head coach handles that behavior.


Anonymous said...

Dooley is nothing but talk when it comes to running a tight ship and being tough on discipline. He's a complete fraud.

And he's not that great of a coach either.

Dubyadee said...

Despite the moral vacuity in the coaches statement, I'm more troubled by way the court handled it.

Is it possible to simultaneously believe that the justice system in Athens would likely have been too harsh on this kid, AND that this dismissal reeks of "guilty 'til proven UT athlete."

Anonymous said...

Context is everything: ""It's good for him," coach Derek Dooley said after Thursday's practice at Haslam Field. "It doesn't change the headline that we all had."

I never thought I see anyone brag about Richt's discipline record. "The number of arrests speak for themselves" replied Odell Thurman.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Anon 8:12,

If you were a Tennessee fan, would you hold this one against Dooley? Easily 50% of the arrest in the Richt era have been for behavior far less egregious than this.

Dude, turn off Jim Rome and pay attention to the context you mention. When the majority of the arrest are for stuff that gets you a free ride home in Knoxville and Gainesville, the problem lies as much with vigorous enforcement of law than with the head coach.

The fact is that Austin Johnson, as a Georgia Bulldog in Athens would not only be facing a court date, he wouldn't go to Atlanta Labor Day weekend.

todd said...

Larry Munson, a man that has been around the SEC for over 50 years, would be the first person to tell you that Tennessee is the sorriest excuse for an "institute of hiher learning" and flat out the most corrupt school in the SEC. There is a reason why he always had a little something extra for the Vols when UGA beat them....even in the days when we hardly played them and there was virtually no real rivalry between the schools.

Things happen everywhere. UGA has not been nor is it now pure as the driven snow. But Tennessee has always operated on a different level that few schools ever have.

Vince and Barbara Dooley knew this about Tennessee. I was literally shocked that they encouraged their son to take that job knowing not only what the current administration and atmosphere in Knoxville is like, but always has been. Yeah, its supposed to be one of the great jobs. But the only people there that succeed are "Tennessee" people whose careers end in Knoxville. Former Tennessee coaches and administrators don't go on to better things because they are tainted people. All of this makes me wonder if I've wasted a lot of time and breathe in my lifetime defending Vince Dooley. Perhaps a lot of what people have said about him since the 70's is flat out true?

Ponder said...

He's a lawyer. Nuff said.

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