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August 16, 2011

Must Put Down the Kool Aide

Ohhh, yeah!

Weiszer and Legge are killing me.  As a fan base, we weren't too happy hearing about the "freed me up to focus on football stuff" from Richt.  But if...IF...this is working and will transfer to game day, more specifically late in drives and late in the fourth quarter, then we won't have to kick field goals on fourth and one from the three very much. 

"Get on the bus."  If...IF... we start out 2-0, this will be the battle cry of the season. 


citizencrane said...


Scott said...

To borrow a phrase from Al Davis, "Just win, baby!" Mark Richt and Greg McGarity could stand on their head and spit nickels, come up with kitschy phrases, or hire Jeff Gordon to drive Mark Fox to see recruits for all I care. All I care about is if it translates into wins.

The last two years were painful. I work with two Florida grads, two Alabama grad, one person whose kid runs track at Tennessee, and one of my neighbors went to the North Avenue Trade School. I do not want to go through it any more. JUST WIN, BABY!

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