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August 16, 2011

Yahoo! Sports just nuked Miami

Hurricane basketball coach Frank Haith, Nevin Shapiro, UM President Donna Shalala (Image: Yahoo! Sports)
It is never a good thing to see a picture of a convicted Ponzi scheme artist, one that admitted to giving potentially millions in improper gifts to the school's athletes, with the head basketball ball coach and president.  For reference, that is a check the president is holding.

Also, at least four coaches who are now at other institutions are implicated, two at 'Bama, one at Florida, one at Louisville.  It is a fascinating read.  Almost like "Blue Chips," but deeper, for a longer time.  And at a real place, one that hasn't had the most pristine history.  Strangely, Miami might have done Randy Shannon a favor by firing him.

I wonder if Al Golden has a clause that covers him if the 'Canes are given the death penalty.  It is a long way from talking to Charles Robinson to Julie Roe Lach, but damn.


UPDATE: It just got real.  Orson Charles is implicated (h/t Sic'em Dawgs).  Shapiro allegedly gave Orson a tour of his house during a recruiting visit during his junior year in high school. Relatively minor, in the scheme of things. Not sure what, if anything, this does for Orson, but a quick thought is Georgia will probably declare him ineligible, investigate, sick Mike Glazier on the NCAA to petition for his immediate re-instatement.


Anonymous said...

I know the NCAA and their rules are often vague and their rulings rarely, if ever, consistent from school to school... but should we really have to even go that far w/ Orson just for looking at a dude's closet? Was R. Kelly in the closet... Tom Cruise?? That would be news.

Is the mere fact he was even at the dude's house a violation, even if he didn't eat food or receive any other improper benefits? I'm really asking, because in a world where AJ Green got twice the suspension for doing half as much as Dareus, Cam skated all year and GT lost their 1-AACC title over $312, it gets a bit confusing.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I feel a bit better about it this morning. The main reason I think we'll suspend him, then ask for immediate reinstatement is that it seems to be the safest route to ensure there are no issues with his eligibility to participate. We don't have to worry about getting into October and find out we have to vacate games.

I bet McGarity/Richt/compliance has already had the conversation with Glazier and are discussing the best course. If we don't suspend him, I feel very good about their feeling that Orson is in the clear.

Anonymous said...

His JR. Year?? WTF... how far back is the NCAA going to go back. I heard somebody once gave Orson a happy meal in the 8th grade.... HOLY SHIT... 4 game suspension!!!

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