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August 23, 2011

Tickets for Trade: Need Boise St. will trade...

I need 2 tickets for Boise State. Here are some ticket combos I'm willing to offer up for trade (Pick one):
    A. Florida -- 2 lower level tickets
    B. Auburn -- 2 upper level tickets
    C. Kentucky -- 2 lower level tickets
    D. Ole Miss -- 4 lower level tickets
    E. New Mexico St. + Ole Miss -- 2 lower level NMSU + 2 lower level Ole Miss
Simply pick the offer that interests you from the list, and we can talk specific seat locations. Best way to reach me is via email:
    decaturdawg (at) hotmail (dot) com
Please include your Georgia Dome seat location in your email. Go Dawgs.



Anonymous said...

Hey PWD,
I'd take as many trades as you can. None of the other tix are comparable to Boise except maybe SC. I'll be surprised if you don't have to sweeten the pot. I've been trying to give my Fla away to friends and I've got a bunch of maybes. Not a great year to own season tix.
Hope ya find some.

The Templetons said...

Not sure if this helps, but StubHub tix dropped heavy over the weekend. We picked up four tix for 75 each. Not the best seats, but great price. Two weeks ago the best I could find was 179 per ticket.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon - I had 3 offers...all intriguing within 1 hour of posting this.

Anonymous said...

HeySWGADAWG, go ahead and give away all your tickets this season then. Im glad you're brimming with optimism. We need more fans like you.

Anonymous said...

Templetons, looks like you got them at the right time. $75 was the lowest I've ever seen them at.

They're actually going back up. I've been keeping a keen eye on it as I have tickets listed. 300+ or so have been sold/taken down as of Friday. I think there were roughly 3,500 tickets available on Friday, with a little over 3,200 as of today.

In addition, the minimum is now $80 or so, with only a few quantities remaining. However, let's not forget the $15 in shipping us buyers/stubhub are tacking on.

Ebb and flow of the market. A few sellers are getting worried that the game is less than two weeks away. However, I think most know that as the game gets generally closer, the prices should/will go up again until right before the game, as most buyers are impulsive purchasers or wait until the last minute while their plans are finalized.

jcneal said...

SWGADAWG, email me at if you want to sell your FLA tickets.



Anonymous said...

I have a feeling stub hub will be loaded up with NMSU and Coastal tix. Also lots of KY tix available

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