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September 20, 2011

2012 Offensive Line Suggestion

Depending on who returns for the 2012 season, Georgia could field a very interesting team overall.  Assuming no NFL departures, we return 7 starters on offense and 9 on defense. We lose 3 offensive linemen and Figgins on offense plus Tyson and Boykin on defense.

The biggest question mark for the 2012 season will be the offensive line and special teams.  The biggest specific area of concern is offensive tackle.  It's damn bad luck when your program loses three elite left tackle recruits in three consecutive classes.  Sturdivant was injured, Benedict was lost to rehab related arguments and Long isn't an offensive tackle following his injuries.

The OT prospects for 2012 are:
-- J. Theus - True Freshman (terrifying)
-- W. Dantzler -- playing mop up minutes as a FR
-- K. Gates -- currently a guard
-- Z. DeBell -- currently injured
-- Unnamed Juco -- statistically likely to be fat and/or dumb

I really wish the coaches would consider bulking up Artie Lynch a bit more and trying him at OT.  He's already 275 lbs with great feet.  Adding another 15 pounds isn't asking that much.  Move him before the bowl game, and he would have time to learn the position.  Besides, UGA has a good history of moving high school and college tight ends to the offensive line.

We would be thin at TE, but it's a dramatically easier to find tight ends than offensive tackles.  Especially considering we have plenty of plays that call for zero tight ends in the formation, but no plays that call for less than two offensive tackles.

What's in it for Artie?  NFL tight ends make a helluva lot less in the NFL than OTs.

Player utilization wins.



Anonymous said...

Losing Justin Anderson is a net plus if he is replaced by anyone other than a true freshman. Kid is having a rough year, but maybe he can get better. Will give him credit for run blocking if his task is to take out the dude in front of him.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% and suggested as much before season began and we saw what the S&C program had done for Arthur.

Ben said...

I love your optimism re: a bowl game. From your lips to [deity of your choice]'s ears!

j.leonardjr said...

Would we be that thin at TE? Rome, Charles, & White could all be back correct?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the biggest question mark for 2012 would be who will be the head coach.

Anonymous said...

Good read and very interesting. Gotta do something and this sounds decent. Only thing is most OT's are now 320-340. Likely Arthur would need 35 pounds,but considering his heart he could do it.

Anonymous said...

Jleonard.jr - white is a senior and Charles may go pro.

Personally, I would be far more terrified by the thought of starting Lynch at OT than I would Theus.

Ludakit said...

Unfortunately, if I'm a kid currently on this team that has NFL aspirations, I look at what UGA's done with guys like Richard Samuel and Kiante Tripp and I shudder with fear if they ask me to move anywhere.

I'm sorry, but as much as that move would make sense, I have zero confidence that it would be done correctly. I can't even begin to tell you how much it bothers me to type that sentence.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Can we keep focused on 2011? Seriously, projecting to 2012 is stupid and silly and idiotic and even not very bright.

Russell said...

I don't see us having any more questions about the O-line next year than we do right now.

Anonymous said...

True Frosh Theus > 1st year at OT Lynch, no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah starting Theus, even as a true frosh, doesn't sound all that terrifying to me. For all the people that complain we move players around too much you sure are wishy-washy.

Yurdle said...

Do not want. Let's use the recruits we've got at the positions they're prepared to play. Maybe if we spent a redshirt year getting Lynch ready to play OT, it'd be possible. But we spent his redshirt year getting him ready to play TE - and we might need him for depth if Charles leaves.

Anonymous said...


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