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September 20, 2011

Birmingham and KC Papers Reporting Missouri to be 14th SEC Member

At this point, who knows.  Birmingham papers are reporting Auburn would move East.  PWD, whom I expect to post on this, discussed this scenario today.  He has some interesting thoughts on what would happen if that is the case, among them who our 'natural' West rival would become.

Suffice it to say this is a fluid situation, one that could change many, many more times.  Honestly, I like Missouri more than the WVU thing. Columbia isn't the worse town in the world.  The area is called Little Dixie.  The academics are much better than West Virginia's (for those that care).



Anonymous said...

I definitely like adding Mizzou better than WVU. However, I'm concerned that the divisions would be lopsided. The East seems stronger to me.

Pl0we said...

Our natural west rivalry, if Awbarn, moves east is Ole Miss because we used to play them regularly

Mack said...

Who will be the new East/West permanent match ups? Surely Auburn is going to have Alabama, but where does that leave the Alabama/Tennessee rivalry? Could we each have two permanent opponents now? If so, I vote that we get Ole Miss and Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Going to 14 teams will include going to 9 conference games but the extra game will be used on the extra opponent in your own division.

If they went to 2 permanent cross division opponents, we'd be rotating 5 teams through 1 slot on the schedule, similar to what we did in the first 11 years of the 12 team SEC where we rotated 4 teams through 1 slot. I can't see us going back to that. They made the change in 2003 to only have 1 permanent cross division opponent for a reason.

One possibility is that Bama could become the only team with 2 permanent cross division opponents (Auburn and Tennessee). We would then get A&M as ours and Missouri would get none (they rotate all the East teams through their 3 open slots).

In any event, I think everyone will agree that adding a team to the East would be much easier logistically.

Anonymous said...

Those divisions would definitely be lopsided. The East would be much stronger.

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