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September 4, 2011

3 Questions Answered

I guess the appropriate place to start is 3 Questions.
  1. Can we make them earn points?  You know, despite the married-a-stripper-you-just-met-in-Vegas-fail quality of the first offensive series, I wasn't disappointed in how the defense played early.  If you'd told me they'd start with a couple 3 and outs, I'd have been very happy with that.  Still, they went to the hurry up and really got in the defense's kitchen.  The result? 5TDs, three of them on ridiculously short drives with the hurry up. 
  2. Can our coaches play to win, even if that means going away from a script? No.  Hell no.  Hell no with a bullet.  How is it possible that we hear about the new mindset, yet still see the same plodding offense, with two false starts to start the season? How? How is it possible that Orson Charles catches two passes for thirty yards to respond to the quick BSU TD at the start of the second half, then get pulled. How? How do we wait until the 3rd Q to run a toss sweep? How? How do we run an end around for 80 yards, then never, ever, ever bring any of those guys back on the field? Fail.  Fail, fail, fail, fail.
  3. Can we come back if we get down early? We didn't get down early.  Didn't matter. We couldn't come back anyway, not with our patented Dive, Quick Read Pass, Draw, Punt offensive philosophy.
<font=sarcasm> Hey, we were balanced. </font>


    Dawgaholic said...

    No need for rash judgments. It’s the first game of the year and Boise may truly be a top 5 or even top 2 or 3 team. Let’s see how this plays out. If our only losses this year are to true top 5 level teams, then things may be ok. Had we just lost to Oklahoma 35-21, noone would be that upset. Had we lost to Miss. State 35-21, I understand everyone’s sentiments.

    Further, I think the 2002 team would have taken an *ss whooping playing a a top 5 team in their opener. (They won a lot of close games against so-so teams during the first half of the season.) By game 12 they would have kicked the same team’s *ss.

    One game does not make a season, let’s GATA next week.

    (I posted a similar comment over at GTP and am not one for posting the same thing over and over but this point seems to be missed. Also, I readily admit we could have looked much better last night.)

    GLT said...

    After the Liberty Bowl and now this game?

    Bulldog5711 said...

    It's just so depressing that all summer long we heard that we have improved at so many different areas. I just didn't see much improvement. Our O-Line is still pathetic and our defense can't generate pressure.

    I fully understand that Boise is a better team than we are, but I didn't think that they would pick us to pieces like they did last night.

    Maybe we will turn things around next week, who knows. I can't help but wonder if this is how Tenn fans felt under the fall of Fulmer.

    Anonymous said...

    Granted, one game does not a season make, but what does one season, plus an offseason filled with what appears to be a whole steaming pile of bullshit coach-speak, and one season opener where we make nearly the exact same mistakes as last year make?

    Anonymous said...

    What we're seeing, gentlemen, is the long, slow process of Mark Richt driving our program straight into the ground. After his early success, I frankly can't believe I'm writing those words. But it's the truth. You know the list of marginal programs that have taken us to the woodshed in recent years just as well as I do, but when teams like Central Florida, Colorado, Kentucky, Mississippi State and South Carolina start to become regular features in the loss column, it's time to stop deluding ourselves. Mark Richt isn't turning this back around. Let's get through this season as best we can, show a little class while things continue to fester and work toward bringing a staff in here that can turn this back into a championship program. The first step toward recovery is acceptance. I've accepted it.

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