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September 4, 2011

Boise State Thoughts

Georgia needed the following things to be successful this year:

1. The New Impact Players Must Make an Impact
Crowell, Jenkins, Jarvis, Ogletree (in his new position) and Mitchell need to be prime time players right out of the box. I would say we hit on 40% of the big five from game 1. Jenkins appeared to be a total non-factor and the OL didn't block well enough for Crowell to ever get going. Jarvis and Mitchell are studs. Who knows on Ogletree as he was hurt so quickly.

2. The Strength Program Needs to Pay Huge Dividends
If there was a difference to be seen, I sure as hell didn't see it. The team looked gassed late in the game, and the OL couldn't move a Boise line that gave up 40 lbs a man. (Note: South Carolina's DL is not undersized)

3. Will Friend needs to coach up the OL
I'll be kind and say Game 1 was a failure on the part of Friend and his troops. I'm going to wait until later in the season to see how Friend and the OL progresses before saying much else.

4. We need to play to our team's strengths and talent.
I'll post on this later, but In 2007 for the Ok State game, Bobo knew the FR OL was dangerously inexperienced. To keep the OSU defense away from our QB, we ran about 15 different screen packages. Where were those plays? I remember seeing a bubble screen or two, but where was the other stuff? Where was the Toss Sweep lead by a road grading 270 lb Fullback? Why not run a fullback screen to Figgins? We used to run that play to guys with 1/2 of Bruce's athletic ability. Just mind boggling. And that's just scratching the surface. Why not blitz more? If you aren't going to cover the middle of the field anyway...why not blitz. If the play to Boykin worked once, why not run it again (even if with a different player). Why not run ANY plays to Branden Smith...arguably our fastest and most explosive player on campus. Baffling.

5. We needed to stay healthy because recruiting blunders have left us with no depth.
We lost Gates and Ogletree out of the box, and we must've had several players suspended. How the hell we ended up with walkons when the starters dropped is beyond me. Blutarsky on this issue.

Going Forward
If Ogletree and Gates get healthy, we should see some improvement in key spots. Otherwise, I'm baffled as to what has changed or will change. I'm blown away by how tentative, disorganized and lacking in physicality we looked.

That said...I do believe that Boise will be the best team we play this season. I also believe they are a legit Top 10 team. If they aren't the best team, then the Gamecocks are very, very good...or we really are in deep crap.

I'm just really disappointed with the plan and the execution, and I honestly feel a bit lied to. I just don't get what's so different from last year? Looked like the same nonsense as before.



Anonymous said...

Was I just paying attention at the wrong times or did it seem Figgins was most effective as a blocker when we had him in motion? Maybe he's slow out of the blocks when asked to line up in a 3-point position? If that's the case, then will we see more of Zander or another true fullback?

Anonymous said...

Not sure which I was more disappointed in - OL or DL. Tackles on OL are going to have real issues with fast DE's it would appear, and there was no push to speak of from middle of the line, especially once Gates left the game. I thought the middle of DL played their role in first half but were worn down in second. Without blitzes to help create pocket issues our DE's were handled with ease.

JaxDawg said...

My first game was in Auburn '78 and I've been paying close attention to this team since I began playing real ball in middle school, so I know this program and know wtf I'm talking about. So let me say this, if that effort last night is indicative as to what we'll see this year, we will look back on last year with fondness - in essence 7 losses will be eclipsed.

I've seen this movie before guys. I've seen it with Goff and Donnan and I'm seeing it again. If anyone doubts that Mark Richt's time at Georgia is done then let me ask you this: what more proof do you need?

Finally, John Jenkins didn't do shit last night. It was just painful watching him try and get his ass off ground and make a play. Mt Cody #2? No way in hell.

You can forget about folks, it is over.

Anonymous said...

Tavarres King was pitiful and other than Mitchell and 1 or 2 positive plays with Marlon the wide receivers stunk(Not talking about Tight Ends, Orson is a stud). The lines of scrimmage were WEAK. What strength program. I have to stay on board at least 1 more game, but as an avid Richt and staff supporter I have a very hard time defending them. Our special teams coverage was also very , very weak. All in all I thinkyou hit it Paul.

Anonymous said...

Way to represent...looking forward agin to the WLOCP

Go Gators

Anonymous said...

Honestly as a Gator fan I was sure that since the days of knowshon you folks had the talent advantage. I can't figure out way you have floundered the past dozen years. Any ideas?

Smitty said...

The reason I know Bobo is in over his head as an OC is that we consistently do not get the ball to our most talented players. Don't you think other coaches at lesser schools would drool to have some of those weapons????

And as far as walk ons playing, its not like this was the end of a season where we were decimated by injuries. This was the FIRST game of the year!!

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