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September 15, 2011

About the Other Chickens

Crowell for the TD against South Carolina (Image: Hipple)
Sorry for the light posting this week.  My mom let me out of the basement....

I'll have a more succinct rundown and my typical three questions tomorrow, but I'm not going to entertain the thoughts of losing to Coastal.  Clearly, if that happens, I'll have way more to talk about than how many linebackers we have for Ole Miss or who the interim coach will be.  If we lose to Coastal, I say Joe Kines.

Me, I'd like to see...
  • Crowell with 100+ the first half.  Yeah, I know we tend to treat these games as situational scrimmages and do wacky stuff like force reps with different looks.  I also know that if we are to become the team Coach Richt thinks we can be, having Crowell confident in the running game is paramount.  Odds of this one happening: 3-1.
  • Four sacks.  Coastal is a rush oriented football team.  They only throw about 25 times per game.  Still, I'd like to think we could get enough pressure and throw enough looks at them to get there.  Especially if we get up early.  The problem is that both Coastal QBs (yes, both) are mobile.  I'd settle for several tackles for losses.  Odds: 5-1.
  • Get game speed passes to King, Brown, Troupe, Lynch, Figgins, Charles, Crowell, Samuel, and Mitchell. If we are going to treat it as a scrimmage, at least give guys a chance to gain confidence in their game. Odds: 5-1.
  • Hold the Chanticleers to under 225 yards offense.  Odds: 11-2.
  • Get substantial reps for young guys, especially at offensive line and linebacker. Odds: 7-2
  • Murray not getting hit. Unless we run him a little.  The dude needs a break. Odds: 9-2.
  • Us not letting up until under 5 mins in the 4th Q. I know it isn't in Coach Richt's personality, but if we are still moving well on them with the 2nd and 3rd stringers in, let them go.  Put a Wisconsin on Indiana style whipping on. Odds: 13-1.
  • No 'bad play' turnovers.  You know, posting who the receiver is on your Facebook on a pass play or botched exchange on the hand off. Odds: 3-1.
  • Feeling good that we accomplished all we needed to with this game.  Show up, take this thing seriously, score early and often.  Go for the jugular, instead of thinking we'll eventually grind them down.  Odds:  20-1.
  • Shutout. Them, not us. Odds: 33-1.
So, what do you want to see this week?  I mean an honest assessment of areas of improvement or legitimate areas of focus.



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