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September 16, 2011

Coastal Carolina: 3 Questions

We've all seen Coach Bennett's 'need more dogs' speech.  Here's hoping he gets all the Dawgs he can handle.
  1. Can we play smart and focus on running the offense we'll need the rest of the season?  We've seen smart play calling from Bobo in these types of games.  Think using Knowshon the way we did in the Central Michigan game in 2008.  We've also treated these games as opportunities to 'try something different' to varying degrees of success.  The game last Saturday should be a pretty good indication of what will work and what won't. We don't need to waste 25 downs on plays that we won't likely use but one more time this season.  We need those 25 reps on plays well run 6-10 times a game going forward.  
  2. Can the defense get their legs under them?  Not to harp on this too much, but the front three or four needs to have a big game to get some confidence.  We also need some strong reps for guys at ILB, since we could be playing a tuba player there if too many more people get hurt.  I'd love to see a shutout.  I'll take under 225 yards offense allowed.
  3. Will Richt let guys have fun?  I know it is Coastal.  I'm not talking doing Soulja Boy on the sideline, I talking not putting the brakes on if we get up big.  Not to make too big of a deal out of this, but winning can be both contagious and addictive.  It has been a while since the team has felt that.  Let them.
To date, we are the only SEC team that hasn't played a game like this.  In a strange way, this week could help us understand where we are as much as the past two games did.  Struggle to contain them like Ole Miss did with S.Illinois, that tells you something.   Dominate them like 'Bama did with Kent State, that tells you something else. Here's hoping we get good answers.



CPADawg said...

If Richt wants to make a little noise, he should roll up 70 on them. That might show a different attitude about the team. Not that you have to be unsportsmanlike, but that there will be no quarter given from here on out.

Instead, it will be so plain in the third quarter that we'll be begging for vanilla just to have some taste.

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