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September 16, 2011

Chanticleers? What We Need is Some Light in this Place.

So, besides an even worse looking chicken on the side of the helmet, what will we see tomorrow?

First, we'll see two mobile QBs.  Aramis Hillary(#3) and Jamie Childers(#7) have combined for almost half of Coastal's 327 rushing yards and over 1/3 of their 88 caries.  Hillary will get the most looks, but Childers has had his share of runs and throws.  The good news is that they haven't racked up the yards in their two wins (over Furman, in a squeaker and over Catawba, which I was sure is a tree that is the source of the world's best fish bait).  They are only averaging 367 yards per game.  Oh, Childers will line up at TE occasionally, giving them multiple looks from a scheme standpoint.

Their other offensive weapon is Jeremy Height (#31), who gets the bulk of the hand offs and looks on the passing plays.  Don't let the prior sentence confuse you.  They have spread it around, with 14 different players making a catch and they don't throw much (only 53 times in two games).  Still, Hillary and Childers will look for Height first on any of the few passing plays they run.  Height is always a threat to take a kick or punt to the house.

Second, they play sound defense.  They don't give up many big plays, always keep their assignments and forced Furman, who loves to run, run, run to throw some.  The very good news is that Furman still ran well, with their starting RB getting 16 touches for 143 yards.

So, what does all this mean?  We can lose to this bunch.  We won't, though.  Realistically, we need to focus on getting game speed reps and allow some guys to get competent and have confidence in their game.   Nothing fancy and focus on the plays that we need reps in to be strong later in the season.  We can't treat this as Dr. Bobo's Experimental Offense Theories 101.



NRBQ said...

Not to be that guy, but it's the Catalpa worm (and tree).

When you step on one, it leaves a greasy mess. That's what we hope to see tomorrow in Athens.

Tyler Dawgden said...

NRBQ, they are the same. I was hoping for more like what one looks like when a 20lb channel cat hits one.

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