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September 7, 2011

Bulldog Hotline

Brandon Boykin: Georgia Sports Blog Player of the Week (Image: Jim Hipple)

I usually listen to the Bulldog Hotline with dispassionate interest. That comes from growing up with Dooley being the coach and nothing, and I mean nothing, of interest or substance being mentioned, saved Coach's penchant for strange compliments to the week's opposing team. The other night was different, since there are a lot of fires burning around the program. I listened intently.

As a metaphor, there were massive technical issues at the start. Missed calls, bad feed, the works. One thing that did come from it was Coach Richt's noticing the ineffectiveness of the offensive game plan. Noticing and working to correct are two different things. You mean it took a whole four quarters, video review, and your QB getting treated like the prettiest boy in jail to notice that you couldn't protect and needed to scheme around the lack of protection?

I was glad to hear him call out the blocking and actually mention what needed work on. I have to admit, I was furious over the reported attitude from the post game interview. Although not over the Rambo thing, I think the reporters should get over it as it was a message management 101 stuff. Back to the same 'what me worry? Richt', at least that is what I remember thinking as I read the wrap ups.

Also, can anyone tell me the last time we had a RB that Coach Richt thought blocked well? Anyone? Me either. If we haven't recruited/trained anyone in seven years to run the schemes and provide the blocking, change the schemes.

I guess I am left to ranting, since I just can't get my head around why we do anything we do right now.

Wrap up here, courtesy of Bernie Dawg.


ColumbiaDawg said...

The coaches expect the players to fit the offense. Where did that get them?

A good coach know how to fit the offense around the players. Bobo and Richt are too stubborn in their ways to do that.

Anonymous said...

You're not getting elite running backs to commit to your program with the promise of the opportunity to become a really good pass blocker. You're not even getting them to commit with the promise that they'll get carries as long as they put in the hard work of pass blocking.

If you want good pass-blocking RBs, you have to (1) accept that not every RB you sign is going to be a five-star and (2) find a better way of evaluating whether these guys have the mentality to accept and embrace that responsibility.

And given the need for every RB recruit to be the next Herschel, I don't see either of those things happening.

Anonymous said...

Columbia Dawg, that's not quite accurate. Florida won a MNC with Chris Leak trying to run their spread offense. It was a square peg in a round hole, but worked well enough to get it done with their defense.

The issue we've had on offense is that the coaches come up with a game plan that they think they know will work. However, they simply don't seem to have that innate ability to know when to be stubborn and keep at something because it will come around, and when to realize that it's just not working, and it's time to try something else.

I have little doubt the offensive attack was sound if the O-line held up, but it didn't. We didn't acknowledge that, we just kept playing like it would hold up eventually.

Fed Up said...

+ a million on the blocking comment.

I swear I feel like our coaches live in crazy town. We have had at least 15 options at RB over the last seven years and you are absolutely right about the same blocking complaints/problems year in year out.

Someone get these folks a mirror.

JaxDawg said...

All this discombobulation....questions, what if's, nothing makes sense.

This is what you see from a broken program and coach.

Richt is done guys. This season is a wash. Just accept it and wait for McGarity to make a great hire.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Brown

There's two.

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