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September 6, 2011

Which is worse?

I realize I am diving into rationalization here, but is Georgia losing to Boise State comparable Ole Miss's loss to BYU or Auburn's near death experience with Utah State?  Just reading some of the SEC wraps from around he country and seeing South Carolina's awesomes1!1 D performance against East Carolina and Florida's (admittedly) impressive performance against FAU being touted as why they are the tops in the East, while folks are talking about Georgia's loss as if we were dominated from start to finish.

Before you answer, we held Boise State to 10 points and 130+yards under that last year's top 5 offensive performance. It remains to be seen just how good they are, but I think we saw a top 5 defensive line Saturday night. We by no means played good football, but we weren't dominated and it was by a top 5 team.

Anyone else find the comparison between Boise State, BYU and Utah State curious?



Anonymous said...

I know the stats ended up being similar, but it felt like we were dominated to me.

After we scored to go up 7-0, we gave up 28 straight points and twice were down by 21 points in the second half.

Dave said...

If you call consistently being down by 2-3 touchdowns and getting destroyed on first downs and time of possession not being dominated...OK). We were physically manhandled by a less physically gifted/talented team.

FisheriesDawg said...

If we weren't dominated, then why were only ~20% of our fans left at the end of the game?

Tyler Dawgden said...

There is no doubt we were dominated in many aspects of the game. I am just curious if losing to the number 5 team is comparable to giving up 448 yards, 27 first downs and going 10-17 on third down. To Utah State?

Same for blowing a 13 point lead with 10 minutes to play. At home? To BYU.

I freely admit we didn't look like an elite team, but I guess a win is a win, at least for other teams.

Anonymous said...

At least Auburn's coach said his team's performance was bad and that it was unacceptable even though they won the game. Richt joked and smiled after we lost.

Don't think Spurrier isn't going to run up the score on Saturday if he has the chance.

Ludakit said...

My whole issue with the score and the stats is that they don't accurately reflect what everyone felt watching that game. Between the play calling, the execution and the lack of a willingness to make adjustments (it's like we were absolutely dedicated to the definition of insanity), I think we would've had a hard time beating anyone with any football competence.

I'm not bailing on this team, but things aren't right in Dawgland. So yes, we would have struggled, if not outright lost against Utah State and BYU on Saturday.

Hunkering Hank said...


1. Thanks for taking over this blog. It needed you. You've done an admirable job and I appreciate you.

2. We play the games to win. Who gives a darn if we looked good losing? And, by the way, we did not look good losing to Boise. The DAWGS got their guts stomped out, whether you would like to/can admit it.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Hank, Thanks for the sentiments. I agree, but we also get pissed as fans when we win ugly. After watching the game on TV, I felt better, rather than worse. My point was that we portrayed the Boise State game the way they did the Kent at 'Bama game, which just isn't the same.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Kit, Boise State is easily four to five TDs better than BYU and Utah State, at least they certainly were on Saturday. Not saying we wouldn't struggle against them, but we just faced a very good team. Utah State and BYU aren't nearly that big, physical or talented. Or well coached (which thinking about it might be the golden bullet and the reason the media discussed it this way).

We got whipped on the offensive line and with the underneath passes. We had a headscratchingly bad offensive approach. One is on the players and coaches. One is on the defensive coaches. One is on the offensive coaches.

Now, if we want to discuss why we aren't that team any more....

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I don't think the games are comparable in any way.

Ole Miss lost a close game to BYU. Auburn should have lost to Utah State. Neither BYU or Utah State are marquee opponents who are BCS bowl game regulars.

Now, I don't want to sugar coat a loss where the team I root for got dominated, but Boise State is well worth their Top 5 ranking, and plays like it. From what it looked like on television, this was strictly a business trip for them, collecting another name brand scalp. This is what they do, and will continue doing until someone stops them.

A more apt comparison would be to anticipate the Bosie - Ole Miss score that was originally scheduled.

Otto said...

Boise St. is worse. UGA is view as in the Top 3 programs in the East and a year in year out BCS bowl contender. UGA just gave even more credit to their BCS argument.

Ole Miss is bad but they're viewed as a mid pack SEC team.

Anonymous said...

We haven't been a BCS bowl contender since November of 2008.

Being viewed as top 3 (and we're 3rd at best) in the SEC East pretty much means we're #8 in the league overall.


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but ... pretty sure Georgia's "viewed as a mid pack SEC team," too. Maybe not to us Georgia fans. But apparently to everyone else in the world.

Anonymous said...

I will also say thanks to reviving the blog. The change in Seth Emerson's has made it difficult and unappealing. I have missed Paul's comments, too. I must say we were physically whipped by what I HOPE is a very good team. I won't compare to the other 2 games because those opponents are absolutely not on the level of Boise. Anyway, we play both and will be able to assess ourselves later on. This game, this week is critical, though, because you lose and you lose a significant portion of the "neutral" (Haven't given up on Richt group)fan base. I'll be watching and hollering with a mindful eye. This is an absolute must game and could be a season ender.

Anonymous said...

We were dominated on both sides of the line of scrimmage. The game wasn't nearly as close as the score. You could see it on our players and coaches faces halfway through the 4th quarter...dominated. 6 sacks vs 0 sacks should be a big indicator.

Anonymous said...

One of my friends said it best and here is the ugly truth:

If Boise and UGA had switched players back in March Boise would've beaten us by 6 TDs.

He also said it's time to rip off the bandaid and I agree with him.

We were thoroughly outcoached, again.


Blackout said...

I agree Anon. Count me as a "neutral". Lose against the Cocks and Richt has lost me as a supporter.

Jon R said...

Well, we have to remember that Boise had their entire D-line return and they were really good last year. UGA has three new guys on the O-Line who were not considered 5 star recruits (correct me if I am wrong). That in itself will make it tough to have a good ground game. Richt for the most part is a good coach but he can't make Aaron Murray get rid of the ball quicker and make better decisions (the interception before the half was the nail in the coffin in my opinion) or make Taveres King catch passes that he should have caught (he reminds me of Terrence Edwards). My only compliant is with the D-coordinator. He didn't make any adjustments in the 2nd half. Where were the Linebackers? The middle of the field was open the entire 2nd half.

Hayduke said...

TD, that's an interesting analysis, and makes me feel a tiny bit better.

The problem as I see it though is not wether BSU is a good WAC team / a great BCS championship contender / or the next BCS perinneal powerhouse, but that we continued to fail to execute in most facets of the game, especially offensively. I think everyone knows the list of grievances now so I won't waste bandwidth rehashing. I would not be posting this had we executed well and lost against BSU. As a matter of fact, I'd probably feel a whole lot better right now.
I hear where you are coming from with the analysis. Maybe it's a "glass half full analysis" or maybe (hopefully) BSU is really THAT good. I, however, keep seeing us make the same stupid mistakes over and over again to the point that I no longer have a reasonable measure of confidence in the program, despite the "perceived greatness" of the opponent.

BTW... Great work with the blog. I really appreciate your work and input here.

Go Dawgs!

JJBA said...

Richt's press conference today made me just as sick as the product put on the field this past Saturday night. I have no confidence in our coaches or players going into this game.

It was the Donnan era when I last expected to lose a home game like I do right now.

Anonymous said...

Losing to Boise is no disgrace, but I'm not sure what you get from the comparison. UGa could be better than Auburn or Ole Miss this year and still not be very good.

Anonymous said...

Guys and gals, I,m an ex dawg athlete, and big fan. We have had lousy coaching for the last three years. Oh and Richt hired Todd Grantham, the fourth highest paid defensive coach in the country. Lets see what your money bought. Lost to S.C.. lost to Arkansas, lost to Colorado, lost to Florida, lost to Auburn, lost to Central Florida, lost to Boise State- Games we should be competetive in to be in the elite SEC. Here is who we beat La Layfayette(strength of some high schools), lousy Vandy, lousy Tn with a losing record, Idaho State, another perinneal high school power, and we only beat Tech because the offense scored a lot of points early, thank God, because his defense let Tech score over thirty points on our sorry defense. Richt has no clue, when Van Gorder left , the brains of the outfit, which Richt took credit for , it was all over, you saw for yourself in the Boise Loss, We should lose to S.C. Auburn, Miss.State, Florida, praise the Lord we don't play Bama or LSU we would be asked to leave the conference. Richt should have been let go last year, now the agony goes on, hope our Administrator has some common sense and finally ends the misery at the end of this year.

Anonymous said...

We weren't dominated? What?

I'm at a loss for words.

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