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September 12, 2011

Florida LB Finley Arrested

Dee Finley: "Don't tase me, bro" (Image: Tribune Media)
Finley was arrested at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, reportedly stopped when he dodged a barricade.  He told the officer he was late and tried to leave.  Mathematically speaking:

The Fuzz<Coach Muschamp

However, the officer wasn't done.  Finley 'squared himself' and straddled the scooter, that is until the officer removed his Taser.  Then he complied. Mathematically speaking:

Coach Muschamp<The Fuzz with a Taser Drawn

Resisting arrest with violence?  Jimmy Williams approves.  Meanwhile, Huntley Johnson just lit another veal foreskin wrapped cigar with a $1000 bill.



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