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September 12, 2011

Fox picks up his 3rd commitment for 2012

With the Fall signing period about 70 days away, Coach Fox picked up his third commitment of the 2012 class Brandon Morris (6'7" 195 lb small forward) from Miller Grove High School committed to sign with UGA following his recruiting visit. 

Various sites are reporting that Coach Fox hosted over a dozen prospects in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 classes this weekend during the UGA vs. SC game.  Morris was on his official visit, and came away impressed.

Both Rivals and Scout list him as a solid 3 star kid. He's a kid who rattles around the Top 100-150 in the rankings; however, his offer list is what impresses me.  He is reported to have offers from Georgia Tech, NC State, Clemson, Arkansas, Memphis and Auburn.  Some sites also credit him with offers from Kansas State, Florida and Florida State.

It's a good pick up.  The class still needs a Shaq Goodwin (Top 25 national prospect at PF).  Dan MacDonald at says he's hearing that Goodwin might be backing off his desire to play football and basketball at the next level.  A basketball only commitment to UGA for Fox would be enormous.

Land a Top 25 kid every year like Caldwell-Pope and Goodwin plus a few solid role players who will stick for four seasons, and you can build a nice sustainable program. Fox just has to close the big gun for 2012.



Tyler Dawgden said...

Nice get, especially considering he was reportedly waiting to commit as of yesterday.

stick jackson said...

Coach Fox has done a great job of assembling talented role players who can fill a niche on a good team -- a big, athletic pass-first PG, a shooter who can also defend and an athletic wing who may be something of a sleeper because of a lingering injury that's now behind him. That's a B class. Not a C, but not an A, either.

PWD is right that to be an A class, we need Shaq or Carter, guys with the kind of talent to take over games. And Carter sounds like a tough get, so it really needs to be Shaq. Really. Needs. To. Be. Shaq.

CMF pulls that one off, and Greg McG needs to start scoping out patches of grass near the Steg where they can site the statue.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Not just Shaq stick, but a full time Shaq. Playing part time, with the time commitment in the summer, fall, and early winter of football, means we'd get a very raw player who's value would be little more than hustle, defense, and rebounding. As a part timer, I can't imagine being able to flow in to Fox's offense or having well developed post moves. As a full timer, we would have our bell cow in this class.

I'd still like to make room for another wing shooter, or as Paul calls them, maker. I just don't see the depth there, and think somehow, someway, a 5th spot opens up by spring to accomodate both a SG/SF and hopefully Goodwin or Carter.

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