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September 17, 2011

Navy v. South Carolina

I'll have more on today's win tomorrow, but raise your hand if the Navy v. South Carolina game makes you think we didn't run the ball enough against them?

Of course, not having 21-28 points given to them does have a tendency to slow them down.



JaxDawg said...

Yes, and Navy looked to a better coached team than us. Much better. They didn't shy away from Lattimore and make mindless mistakes and self-inflicting wounds. Plus, their OL is much better than ours. How on earth, how on this f*cking earth can that be?

Skeptic Dawg said...

JaxDawg, it is simple. They are better coached. To achieve that much talent from those young men is amazing. It also shows the work ethic of the Navy football team. I tip my cap to all 3 service academies. Talk about sacrifice! Those young men are truly preparing for their future. They are the model of student-athlete! What is sad it that with more talent, we get less production and dedication from our student-athletes.

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