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September 18, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Coastal Carolina

Feeling good?
  1. Can we play smart and focus on running the offense we'll need the rest of the season?  Yes, and no.  I'd have liked to see Crowell get more touches.  It was good to see the pass run his way and the multiple looks given that we've seen already.  However, I'd have like to see us give the first stringers a few more reps before we emptied the benches.
  2. Can the defense get their legs under them?  112 offense allowed.  A shutout.  Yes.  Yes, they can.
  3. Will Richt let guys have fun?  Other than allowing us to call multiple plays with Carlton Thomas up the middle late, I think he did.  We called Orson's number with Mason in the game.  We bumped Harton and Thomas outside.  We blitzed with some walk on guys.  59-0 is about what I was hoping for.
I haven't seen the cumulative conference stats for the season after yesterday's game, but 470 yards offense is strong, considering the number of drives that started on the GA 45 yard line.  That should significantly boost Georgia's standing in the conference stats.  Coastal never got into Georgia territory.  We didn't get cute with the offense.  We didn't assle around with them, letting them stay in the game only to pull away late.  Overall, exactly the kind of game I was hoping for. 



JaxDawg said...

Sure we won 59-0. The pitiful '94 Dawg team did the same thing against New Mexico State.


This weak schedule will give the facade that Richt and staff are pulling it together. They are not. Don't be fooled by it.

Anonymous said...

I suppose if we had scored 200+ points and held CC to - yardage you would have been a wee bit encouraged.

I thought we did as much as any team could to get an impressive win. Yes, I know we weren't playing Alabama but this is a team with a lot of football left and we should all support them and the coaches.

If we optimists are fooled into thinking that coach Richt and his staff are "pulling it together" then by season's end you can say "I told you so" and look forward to a new head coach in Athens. But, you better be careful what you hope for as great head coaches don't grow on trees. Just making a change at the top doesn't guarantee championships

JAXDAWG said...

But staying the course allows for more mediocrity and irrelevance. So what do you recommend anon? More of the same or wholesale changes that require risk? For a fanbase that says they want to win, so many of you wimps are afraid of your own shadow.

"Oh no, we can't risk winning b/c we might make a mistake! There's no way another coach could do better than Mr. Nice Guy. We're better off doing nothing and getting nowhere."

Thank GOD guys like you aren't leading this athletic dept. Your attitude, and those that share it, are the primary reason we aren't national contenders every single year.

And you can bet your sweet ass that Florida does NOT share this conservative, defeatist mindset.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing JaxDawg hopes we lose every other game this season so Richt gets fired.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaxass,

Go throw back a case and take a dip in the St. Johns....

JAXDAWG said...

I don't have to hope that we lose our other meaningful games. Richt's record against ranked teams in the last 10 games is 1-9. Conversely, Bob Stoops is 9-1.

And I didn't need to see the results of this season to know that Richt has run his course at our fine school and program. He is a fine man but it's time for a change guys. By some miracle, should we win out by beating TN, FL, AU, and Tech, then I'll gladly eat a live crow and bite off his head. But I say that knowing aforementioned will not happen.

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