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September 4, 2011

Not Good

When the only thing about the night that seemed to go right is not getting pushed onto the tracks waiting on the Marta train, it isn't a good night.  Obviously, I'll have more later, but I got to Athens at 2:30am, so the only thing I have right now is the recurring thought that this must be what it felt like being in the Johnson administration during Vietnam.  We are a power without the will or leadership to do what it takes to be a superior power

Right now, there is no end in sight, no hope of a resolution, and no signs any of those things needed fixed, will be.  Hats off to Boise State.  They came in, played their game, and dominated in the places where they had advantages.  I hope they are a really good team, a top 5 team, because if they are merely a good MWC team....well, it is hard to contemplate how mediocre an SEC team we are.

I won't have a chance to watch the replay until later today, so I am sure whatever rays of sunshine I can find will involve gallows humor about the fact that I didn't wake up in Boulder this morning.



Anonymous said...

Save your time.

The O didn't do a single thing different. The D was just ok. If you 3 and out as often as we did, the opposing O will eventually find some wholes.

Anonymous said...

...Let me start off by saying that it is a very dense and dark cloud above the bulldawg nation this morning! And as bad as i dont want to get on here and say it "Mark Richt and the entire staff has to go!" Bulldawg fans, it was obvious to me as i look back at how we were beat in every facet of the game that a new era and healing needs to start. If our AD had any sense IMO he would get on the phone and tell Peterson that he would pay him whatever it took to get him and his staff to bring respect back to our program. Fellow dawg fans with the way he outcoached us and got the ability out of lesser talent is undenyable. Period. If anyone reading this has a better opinion or option as a replacement please vent. I have seen enough to know we need change. Just think of how bad this is hurting us with recruiting! Every kid in the state that was watching this game had to feel the same way. Its just time to rebuild.

OldDawg60 said...

Anonomyous is dead-on...We need to clean house and start over, before it's too late...BUT, if we lose to Darth Visor, next week, the die will be set...
It was pitiful to watch our fat, out-of-shape linemen fail to protect Murray, and to beg and whine for a time-out, because they were tired...and to see whoever calls the plays continually send a speedster like Crowell, UP THE MIDDLE. What? And to see the helmets "fall off" because they won't fit over 10 lbs. of stringy dreadlocks...Disgusting display, matched only by #10 Love's celebrating his INTERFERENCE play.
To quote another old Bulldog, "if we lose to Darth Visor next week, the coaching staff will need armed protection"..I think Richt with his earphones, in la la land, was talking with maybe ReMax or Expedia..Sell the house, get outa' town..ASAP..

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