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September 11, 2011

Richt's Support

Just noticed the poll that InsiderAdvantage/Morris News Service did on the fan support of Coach Richt.  65% support him.  Not at all surprised that his weakest support is from the younger crowd, specifically those that are most recently out of college.  Read: gives fewer dollars than those that have been out longer. 

That is the crux of why Mark Richt might not be on the way out.  The administration will support whomever the money supports. 

That makes the release of comments from the athletic board meeting Friday particularly interesting.  Normally, you don't hear much more than what was discussed or decided.  Releasing specific statements from specific members about their concern about the direction of the football program is not a good sign for Coach Richt.  Or the program.  This is probably as close as we'll see the the 'vote of confidence' quote from McGarity or Adams.

There is a reason those comments were made public. It wasn't accidental. If the majority of the board feels this way, that means there is plenty of money out there that is expressing the same concerns privately.  

Oh, and don't think there aren't plenty of coaches on the recruiting trail saying the same thing.



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