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September 11, 2011

SC: 3 Questions Answered

3 Questions, 3 Answers.
  1. Can we unbog the nohuddlehuddle offense? Got to give Bobo props were they are due.  Very nice use of the nohuddle last night.  I was watching Arizona run it against Oklahoma State and getting madder and madder.  They moved the ball, were ready to play and ran quick strike plays the developed instantly.  You know, what the no huddle is supposed to so.  Yesterday, we saw that happen time and again when we ran the no huddle. 
  2. Can the offensive get more dynamic?  Again, give Bobo his props. This is the best game he has called against a tough opponent, at least in two years.  Used the quick pass and running plays, screens and quick outs, inside and outside very effectively.  I wish we'd gone deep a time or two more, but this was so much better than the PeeWee play calling from last week.
  3. Can the defense effectively pressure whichever SC QB is in to make them rely on Lattimore? Yes, but....Lattimore still got his.  The good news is he didn't get them in the middle.  The bad is the Gamecocks were consistently exploiting the edge.  The good news is Georgia won't face another running back of his caliber for several weeks.  The bad news is that you don't have to be a running back of his caliber if you can exploit the edge.  The very good news is that we kept Garcia on the run and never allowed him or his receiver, with two very notable exceptions, to make big plays.
I'm not in to moral victories, but this game was lost due to the three (really four) Gifts from God we gave them that turned into points, not the lack of consistent play on both sides of the ball.



Ginny said...

Having Ogletree in the game would have helped contain the edge IMO. Minus the turnovers I was actually pretty impressed with this team. Crowell looked great. Boykin is a beast. Bennett and Mitchell look like future stars. Defense played disciplined and focused. Coaches used players effectively. This is about as encouraging of a loss as you can get.

Ryan said...

I think the defensive gameplan was damn near perfect.

Let Lattimore have his (he was going to get them anyway) and shut down the drunken wonder. The improved D-line gave us the ability to not have to stack the box to keep Lattimore under 12 a carry.

We have the horses on offense, we're just clicking on about 3 cylinders instead of 8. Charles ended the game without a catch. I understand he was probably central to their defensive planning, but still. How are we not able to leverage by far the biggest strength we have on the field?

Anonymous said...

What about the 3 or 4 runs on 3rd and forever? The pass on 3rd and 2 at Carolina's 19 (3rd fg attempt in 1st half, missed) after Crowell had just soared five yards for the previous first down?

Still ALOT of questionable calls... personnel calls as well. Carolina's defense could be swiss cheese for all we know... ECU did fairly well offensively too.

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