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October 31, 2011

Auburn at Georgia Game Time

CBS is are using the six day option to decide on the kickoffs for the Nov 12th games.

The games up for that day:

Alabama at Mississippi State
Tennessee at Arkansas
Auburn at Georgia (likely two top 20 teams)
Florida at South Carolina.

LSU and Mississippi play Western Kentucky and Louisiana Tech, respectively with kickoff times in the evening.  Kentucky at Vandy is already set for a 12:15 kickoff on the SECNetwork.

Presumably they are waiting for the Arky/SC and Bama/LSU outcomes, although it is hard to see why.  I guess you could see them picking Florida at a top 10 South Carolina for the spectacle of Spurrier possibly losing ground in the SEC East race to his old school.  I don't see what they would want from the Tennessee at Arky game.  As for waiting for 'Bama, having the team of the Century of the Year playing is worth something.  

The TV slots remaining are 12:00, 3:30, 6:00 and 7:45.  Apparently the selection order for those games is the 3:30 slot, then 7:45, then 6:00 and then 12:00 (although by the contract, CBS would have a first pick for both of their games).  I think we'll end up at 3:30 if South Carolina loses this week, since it'll be for the SEC East.  While CBS would love to have 'Bama, the compellingtude of two top 20 teams, the South's Oldest Rivalry, and the division title on the line wins out, in my mind.  If SC wins, it is still a toss up.

Predicted times:

Noon CBS: Florida at South Carolina
12:21 SECNetwork: Kentucky at Vandy
3:30 CBS: Auburn at Georgia (70%) or Alabama at Mississippi State (30%)
6 ESPN2 Tennessee at Arkansas
7:45 ESPN Alabama at Mississippi State (70%) or Auburn at Georgia (30%)

Either way, I don't see us kicking before 3:30, and we could get a night game (remember, set your clocks back on November 5th) at 6pm or 7:45pm.  The only way we are noon is if we lose to New Mexico State and Auburn loses to Open, OR CBS is picking the Noon game before ESPN picks, which makes it even murkier.  Or someone requests a noon kickoff. Whichever.


PS. If you have anything more definite on the selection order that I couldn't find, please share that in the comments.


Anonymous said...

The geniuses in our administration are drooling over that noon slot.

Bernie said...

Can't remember where I saw it, but I think it goes:

1) CBS 3:30
2) ESPN 7:45
3) CBS noon

As you said, I think the point is moot. We should be at 3:30 regardless.

Tyler Dawgden said...


That is what I thought, but I can't find it anywhere. The contract is CBS picks first, then ESPN gets the leftovers. Based on what ESPN did for CBS this week, wouldn't be surprised to see them get some consideration on either the 'Bama or Ga/Auburn game.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Bernie - the pecking order per Ron Aresco (via David Paschall) is

1. CBS
4. CBS

That is for this week only. And that pecking order was from 3 weeks ago before last week's CBS/ESPN trade that put the LSU/Bama game on primetime.

Personally, I think the pecking order will be:

Assuming Bama beats LSU:
1. Bama vs. MSU
2. UGA vs. AU
3. Winner of ARK vs. SC plays here
4. Loser of ARK vs. SC plays here

If Bama loses to LSU:
1. UGA vs. AU
2. Bama vs. MSU
3. Winner of ARK vs. SC
4. Loser of ARK vs. SC

Anonymous said...

While I think the rivalry is too good of a game to let "drop" to noon, I always love a the possibility of an sec west team coming to Athens for an 11 or 11:21 central kick off.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23,

What does that do? You do realize the teams don't bus in from the central time zone the morning of the game, right?

Anonymous said...

Thank u PWD!

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