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October 31, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Florida

On to the questions.

  1. Will decided schematic advantage matter? No.  Hell, no.  I mean Jarvis basically called BS on it.  Grantham's adjustments in the second half were awesome.  For that matter the adjustments after the second drive were dead on (Florida had 152 yards at 7:34 in the 1Q; they had less than 70 the rest of the way).  Bobo's play calling was strong, again.  The two TDs on 4th down were exactly the right calls and to the right spots.  That sound you heard was Richt's cojones clanking together.  We showed up more prepared and with a better game plan.  When it the last time that has happened?
  2. Can Aaron live down last year?  He had a serviceable game. There were some throws that were off, either because he or the receiver missed the route.  However, he never had the one WTF throw. I'll take it.
  3. Will the defense handle the running game well?  Dude.  Just. Dude.  If you had told me we'd hold them to -19 yards rushing, I'd have bet my house on the game.  Outside of one Rainey run of 17 yards (that ended in a forced fumble), they had nothing.  The one bubble screen was the only time we seriously over pursued on a misdirection.  Very strong performance all around. 
I'll get to the special special team's play, which nearly cost us another game (hello, South Carolina), later.  Beyond that, we did what we needed to do.  It was very 2002, but we were on the other side of the score.


Anonymous said...

As you said AM11 didn't play lights out but did make 2 clutch fourth down TD tosses and another great throw to Conley to seal the deal.

Ben said...

I don't think enough has been said about Murray coming back in to gut it out after limping off the field. I think his string of 9 straight misses came after he came back in, and I wonder if his leg had anything to do with it.

Do you have any thoughts on that?

Anonymous said...

I feel a little funny complaining after a win over Florida but is Brandon Bogotay terrible or is this yet another example of Richt taking the loyalty thing too far? How he can stick with Walsh at this point without giving someone else a shot is beyond me.

Actually, I guess I'm not THAT surprised considering that this is usually the way Richt operates. Loyalty comes before winning until the entire fanbase starts screaming at him.

In any case, a nice win over the Gators. A 6 game winning streak isn't too matter who you've been playing.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis TD. The call to Conley was another cohones clatterer. Great call. We beat the "ghosts" and "ghouls". Anyone that was/is negative about the coaching in that game better be discussing special teams. Mentally, this game has got to make the team dream again and that is a good thing. Somehow I think focus won't be a big issue for the rest of the season.

Bulldawg Bill said...

Why does Bobo continue to think that he can run Carlton Thomas up the middle effectively? The guy only weighs 150 lbs soaking wet. he has some success in space off end and Bobo gets macho and sends him off tackle. Sheesh!

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