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October 29, 2011

We Got One More First Down

5-1 boys. Keep the bus rollin'.

Go Dawgs.



PatinDC said...

New Mexico State here we come...

Robert said...

I'm a realist...UGA through and through, but the UGA Football program is not that good. -haven't beat a ranked team in 5 yrs - beat Fla., Tenn., Miss. St, and Vandy, all in transition with new coaches and in a weak SEC East. UGA has had as much talent as anyone and played avg. at best (thats coaching.Not to mention how many arrest over the years. When Van Gorder left, things started going down hill. Coach Granthuium will do a fine job. I can not say the same for the offense. Yes, UGA may very well play for the SEC title but will get KILLED by a better than avg team (LSU/BAMA). The football program needs a true offense cord. if not a new head coach. Robert

Anonymous said...


I'm a so tired of the negativity. You play the games that are scheduled. If you are 5-1 in the SEC you are not a bad football team. Yesterday's game was about beating "ghosts", getting past mental blocks. I'm just glad that the mature people with some sense understand that. WE WON A BIG GAME. Appreciate it and stick your bad attitude up your ear.


By the way if we happen to get into that championship game I feel we just might make it a better game than many would think.

PatinDC said...

I think winning ugly breeds winning pretty. Next all of the kids will be older, wiser and used to winning. The worm is turning.

I think if we win out and go 10-2 in a down year in the East, it is still pretty damn good. I actually hope that USC wins out and gets the East title, so the team will remember the very high costs of mistakes(giving away the game to USC)

Anonymous said...

You lost me with "Granthuium".

Paul Westerdawg said...

Robert - I don't know who told you that UGA hasn't beaten a ranked team in 5 years. But that's not accurate.

2009 - at ACC Champ GT
2008 - at LSU
2008 - vs. Michigan State
2007 - vs. Hawaii
2007 - vs. Auburn
2007 - vs. Florida
2007 - vs. Ok State

This year, we have lost to two teams who are currently ranked in #5 and #10.

If you want wins against ranked teams, you'll get your chances in the November against Auburn and GT.

Auburn will likely be ranked #20 or higher when we play in 2 weeks.

GT will likely be ranked in the Top 25.

Anonymous said...

Good to exceptional talent has masked so-so coaching over the years. Again, UGA has had as much talent as anyone in the nation and can't/hasn't got the job done. Playing in a weak SEC East (this year) is no different. As far as not beating a ranked team recently , during the regular season...OK excuse me three years... GT (WOW), Hawaii (impressive) I was at that AUB. game the last time Richt tried the "black out idea ( How did that concept turn out against Bama a couple of years ago and how long has Sabun been at Bama vs. Richt at UGA or for that matter Miles at LSU oh yea.. and the USC Coach...what's his name, don't remember the LSU (2007), and not counting the bowl games. Don't say that they or any team has more talent, look at the recruiting #'s and look at the record against ranked teams recently. If Georgia plays Bama or LSU THEY WILL GET DESTROYED and that will be b/c of coaching. It might be better to play in the Humanitarian Bowl,rack up a "BIG WIN" and not get embarrased. Also, I think a lot of people..shall we say "boosters" are as concerned.. just as it was brought up in a athelitic meeting after the SC loss (I was at that game last year and this year) Aladawg...stick it in your ear!!really... come up with something better. I don't have a "bad attitude" call it like I see it you should appericiate honesty and not playing on emotion. Win some big games consistantly and I will be a beliver, but it will not happen. To address the Granthuium statement, I think he will do a really good job if the offense does not put the defense in a bad position as it has done over the past several years. Just like with Van Gorder, and Martinez (and you see where Martinez landed). I agree that the defense wins championships and under Granthuium I belive they will be solid, but the offense, against Top ranked teams( Bosie St, USC, etc. )is not up to the task. That has been a trend against top teams. Georgia has talent(Dream Team as it was put). We will see how things go down the streach. Aub, GT, SEC championship, and then the regular bowl season game... UGA could have four more losses and I would not be suprised if that happened. Robert

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