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October 24, 2011

Dawgs vs. New Mexico State Kickoff Time Set

Dawgs to play New Mexico State at 12:30 on CSS.  At least we'll all be home in plenty of time to see the game of the century of the year. 



Anonymous said...

Is CSS included in the conference's TV contract? Or is that a separate deal between UGA and CSS?

Anonymous said...

CSS is showing Tennessee-Martin at Mississippi State that same day at 7:30pm. Are the people who say the networks determine everything actually going to tell us that CSS preferred to show that game in prime-time instead of ours?

This is a classic example of our administration getting "involved".

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that FSN is showing Middle Tennessee at Tennessee at 7pm. Doubt they wanted that garbage fire over our game either.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone honestly surprised? I mean, it's New Mexico State.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for weighing in Hobnail_Boot/UGA Administration apologist. Status quo is always the best policy.

If the Dawgs lose to the Gators, everyone can just shrug and say "is anyone honestly surprised"?

j.leonardjr said...

CSS is not included in the SEC TV deal and they don't really hav emuch pull with regards to kickoff times with programs like UGA.

I am not surprised FSN chose UT vs. MTSU over the UGA game. It is a regional broadcast and that game gets them practically the whole state of TN plus a decent share of Atlanta households with the Vol alums there.

I for one am glad it is a early kickoff as I want to be able to see the Bama/LSU game after getting back from Athens. I would rather see a weak out of conference game played early than at night.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for showing that you care more about your own selfish reasons with regards to game times than you do about what is best for the program.

And this particular Saturday is an anomaly where everyone in the college football world wants to be home early to watch the game of the year.

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