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October 25, 2011

A House Divided?

This isn't a house divided. This is a bad life decision.



Anonymous said...

Heck. I don't even have any Gator friends.

Anonymous said...

She can claim to be a Florida fan, but I bet she's never done it Gator-style.

Anonymous said...

Good God these plates are lame. Nobody cares about your marriage and your love is NOT special. The only thing worse are those stupid window decals showing who is in your family.

Anonymous said...

That's a Landing hookup if I ever saw one.


Anonymous said...

At least he can be certain he didn't marry a girl with a higher intellect than himself.

Anonymous said...

My wife is from SC and a USC fan...I can only imagine.

Dawgaholic said...

Y'all must be blind. I've met a number of UF co-eds/alumnae. This guy may be doing very well for himself.

Then again, my wife's allegiances are to FSU so I think I've got it pretty good.

A bad life decision is marrying a girl that is a Tech or Tennessee fan. In that situation, her football allegiance is likely one of the least of your problems.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I don't care how hot she is. Orange on the floor is repulsive. Add in the lack of class, it automatically makes her a 3, at very best.

HahiraDawg said...

My handle was formerly DawgnAub, for I've had to live there until just recently coming to South Georgia.

My 3.5 year old doesn't know this term you speak of that starts with 'o', he has called that color "ugly" for nearly 2 years now. Not descriptively an 'ugly' color, but it IS "ugly".

My daughter got in trouble at Auburn's Kindergarten because in the face of some ribbing last year the week of the S'sOR, she wouldn't stop chanting, "who let the dawgs out, who? who?" and "go dawgs sic'em, ho, ho, ho". She didn't stop even after the teacher tried to break them up.

I told her she was ok with me, we'd let this one go.

Dubbayoo said...

My girlfriend is a Vol fan so we refer to UT-UGA game day as the Angry Sex Bowl. No matter who wins one of us is pissed off and we're not allowed to mention the game at all that day.

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