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October 12, 2011

Spurrier: Master of Deflection

Look, coaches and the media long have had a love-hate relationship.  We saw what happens when mamma's rile gets up last week.  This week, we saw Spurrier at his finest.  Spurrier spent all of 1994 ignoring a writer for the Orlando Sentinel, something that is incredibly hard to imagine now.  Now, on a bitchiness scale, I rate this up there with St. Urban's "You're a bad guy" rant.  This is a two days before Aunt Dot gets to town, and you ate the last of the chocolate chocolate chip Häagen-Dazs, you asshole, bitchrant.

As a PR move, it is glorious.  He fires Garcia earlier in the day.  His allin bet on Garcia staying off High Life and reefer long enough to finish his senior season is called down.  Spurrier put winning above doing the right thing, probably the best thing, pure and simple.  How to keep the story away from the truck of fail that was the decision to let Garcia off the mat at least four more times?  Make counter accusations!

Awesome move, Coach.  When you are done, I think Exxon could use some advice on blaming those pesky seals for all the cuteness and shit they leave on rocks, which makes it harder to clean up spilled oil.


Ed Note: In the spirit of blogeristic integrity, it should be noted that Quinton did a 5 questions with Ron Morris before the 07 game.


Anonymous said...

When you make as much $$$$ as these coaches make then you have to be willing to take a some criticism. It comes with the job. Learn to deal with it!!

Tyler Dawgden said...

He doesn't have to do that. He's been coaching 26 years. HE'S A MAN!

I mean, he said so on the video.

Anonymous said...

Typical Spurrier. He has been doing it forever. It takes focus off Garcia and his handling of that situation and it takes attention off his 3 game road trip.

And the EDSBS reaction is priceless. Typical Gator blinders on. If they were trying to pull pieces from Morris that were blatantly critical of Spurrier, surely they could do better than those three tame paragraphs. Bradley and Schultz write way worse stuff about Richt. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure EDSBS's purpose by supplying those quotes was to lampoon Spurrier by demonstrating that there was absolutely no justification for the rant other than spin control relating to Garcia.

Swindle is all-Gator, but he ain't Pravda for the Gator Nation. His skepticism towards Coach Boom and Weis are pretty well documented.

Hunkering Hank said...

What can you say, Spurrier is a cock.

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