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November 16, 2011

Georgia the Key to 3 SEC BCS Teams?

Look, I didn't remotely entertain the thought of Georgia playing in the BCS National Championship game in 2007, exclusively because we didn't win the conference.  I felt that view was only consistent with my position in 2006 when Michigan was being shilled in consideration for that same thing.

That being said, Pre-Snap Read has laid out a scenario in which 3 teams can go to the BCS from the same conference.  If you are thinking that would be LSU, Alabama and Arkansas from the SEC, think again.  The short version of the rule is that when 1vs2 game is between two team from the same conference, and neither of those teams won their conference, they the conference champion would still play in the BCS.

Doing the math, that means Georgia winning the SEC, with LSU and Alabama OMG! rematch!@!!!!  I bet Mike Slive has an entire team of scientist working on this, with an entire team backing them up.  Talk about everyone wanting to blow up the BCS. If two SEC teams that didn't even win the conference (and one of them losing to anyone from the *lowly* SEC East) play for the National Championship, Dan Wetzel will have a stroke. Jim Delaney will pretend it is due to the kind of athletes we have here, but secretly covet Slive's genius.

Here's hoping Georgia can create that kind of chaos.


Slic Ric said...

I worry if Georgia plays LSU close the "fix" may be in, meaning the zebras screw us. Slive is gonna get an SEC team to the National Championship game one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Even if UGA is able to keep it close against LSU, the SEC will do what it can to get LSU in the BCSNC (but it may be moot because LSU may not even beat Arky). Then the SEC officials will have to regroup and come up with a plan to help Bama out.

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