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January 8, 2012

Dawgs Drop Conference Opener to Alabama

Georgia's basketball program has a long way to go to be a major player in SEC basketball. The loss last night to Alabama is a good example of why. Last night also showed that we can compete in the conference, as we closed a 12 point halftime deficit to within 4 points by the mid point of the second half.  We did it with strong defense, particularly with Djurisic's play on JaMychal Green, and smart offensive sets.

Regretfully, we continue to go through long stretches of games where the offense looks stagnant and we end up taking a very low percentage shot as the shot clock expires. I am not sure if the issue is chemistry on the rotations or the play sets, but we seem to just fall apart during at least one 4-6 minute stretch every second half. We also have a tendency to pull out a player when he gets hot, something that is confounding to me. I know we have depth issues, but sometimes you just have to ride the bee, and trust your hot guy to stay out of foul trouble. Not like you can roll those fouls over.

Strangely, though, we were still in the game. The difference was Alabama's 3pt shooting. They had a season halftime. The also hit over 15% more of their shots, although we got off more shots than they did. That and they out rebounded us 35-20. We played well with a team that will undoubtedly make the NCAA tournament and could make some noise in the SEC. Figure out a way to stop the five minute dead time in the second half, and we are on to something.



Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but this team is a 6 conference wins squad at best. They have not shown any improvement from the beginning of the year and our bigs are not any good. NIT is the goal and at this point I don't see it happening.

KCP is fun to watch but next year might not be much better than this one without a tremendous output from some average signees. Hope Fox can turn it around but I'm skeptical at best.

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