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January 10, 2012


Send me some of that cas$ Nicholas. (Image: Hipple)
I'll leave discussion of parallels between the SECCG and the BCSCG and how things could have gone differently for Georgia to Blutarsky (and believe me, Nick Saban should send the number to his hair guy and part of his bonus check to Mark Richt for Georgia's first half game plan against LSU), but I have to question the LSU fan's thinking that putting Jarrett Lee in would have made things different. I'll buy the argument that he couldn't have done worse, but honestly does putting him in and having him do the same make it acceptable to do so?

I point this out to ask this question: If Lee hasn't supplanted Jefferson before the 3rd quarter of the national championship game, is merely standing on the sideline not facing Alabama's defense the thing that convinces you that he is ready to supplant the guy that has gotten you to that point? If he didn't win the job while he has had the chance to do so, I don't see how merely being available makes him suddenly The Answer.

To put it another way, is there anything about Hutson Mason standing on the sideline not facing SEC defenses that makes you think he should take Aaron Murray's place on the field in Georgia games?



Anonymous said...

How about the fact the Aaron Murray has yet to win against a top tier team in two seasons of trying? How about AM's penchant for throwing to the other teams players on a regular basis? UGA nation as a whole is much too satisfied with mediocrity.

Paul said...

If your number one guy ain't getting it done and you're willing to admit the number two can't do any worse then what's the harm in giving him a few series to see what happens? The worst that could happen is more of the same. The best that could happen? Well, you'll never know if you never try.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Yeah, Nick Saban looks to Richt for Coaching tips. The delusion of UGA fans & bloggers knows no bounds.

Tyler Dawgden said...

All good coaches look to other coaches for ideas, inspiration and what works. You are delusional if you don't think Saban took away what worked in the SECCG and decided to improve upon it.

I wish Richt would do more of that.

GLT said...

If Coach fieldgoal over in Athens did watch any of the game last night, then maybe he came away with a clue about how far Georgia is behind the curve in the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Saban absolutely benefited from seeing what Grantham did against LSU - and what LSU in the second half to adjust. Of course, Alabama's defensive players are (with only a couple exceptions) better across the board. That helps. So does 40 days of preparation.

Jefferson seems to limit what LSU can do on offense, and Alabama was snuffing all of it. Lee, too, is limited, but at least it would have been different limits.

Murray and Mason are similar QBs. Lee and Jefferson are not. Mason is not a proven SEC winner in the same way that Lee is, and Lee has a downfield arm that Jefferson lacks. Lee also limits the running/option game, but Alabama basically took most of that away already.

I simply don't understand how Lee didn't get a chance to heave it deep for Reuben Randle at least once. The game was 2 scores until late in the fourth, and one LSU TD changes everything.

Anonymous said...

Shit GLT. That game was nothing but made and missed field goals until the trash time TD. Georgia ain't that far behind the curve.

Anonymous said...

+1 Paul. And could someone please explain to me who in the SEC you'd rather have than Murray??? I'll give you Wilson but I think Murray would be putting up the same numbers at Arkansas. Two reasons, offensive line and running game. Murray was 2nd in total offense had 35 TD passes. McCarron was 3rd in the league with 16!!!!

And everyone keeps saying that Murray isn't clutch. Not his fault his two best receivers dropped TD's in the SEC championship. Not his fault the UGA defense wilted against MSU when Murray drove the Dawgs down the field in the 4th qtr, trailing by 4, the only time he was given a chance to make plays in the 2nd half. And yeah the pick 6 was a tipped ball so if you want to blame him, blame him for being 5'11, or blame the o-line for not blocking the guy.

I'll take AM and can't wait until he gets a little help outside of his receivers.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have my thoughts on Murray. For one, he fumbled against both South Carolina and LSU at most inopportune times. He threw key interceptions including 4, count 'em, 4 pick sixes this year. Yes, many are at fault, but Aaron Muuray's first int against MSU was not tipped and was NO better than Jeffersons heave when he seemed to be on his way to a pretty decent run. That was THE game changing play! I'm not saying supplant Murray, but much like the other position battles Aaron needs to re-earn his position this spring and we need to allow the next QB to play meaningful downs early next fall. Aaron has great stats, but he also has exceedingly awful STATS.........see Florida 2010, USC , LSU, Mich St. in the 2nd halves. I'm saying have the same battle at QB that we have been having at RB, Corner, safety, nose tackle, ILB etc.

Anonymous said...

CTG learned more from watching the first Bama/LSU game than Bama did watching the UGA/LSU game. But maybe Saban did learn from Bobo that you can throw it on LSU (but of course Saban realized you could do that for an entire game and not just one and a half quarters).

Anonymous said...

Moot point - Lee wasn't eligible - stopped going to class. They couldn't play him or they would have forfeited.

Dawg19 said...

Some of you guys really need to take your meds.

Murray is just a sophomore, for God's sake.

Back away from the ledge...

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