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January 10, 2012

SEC Hoops Power Poll

I'll be participating this season, along with several more worthy bloggers, in the SEC Hoops Power Poll. Since I didn't vote last week, I get the benefit of one SEC match up per team to make some semi-informed decisions. After pondering my ballot, I don't think it helped.

By my view, there is one very, very good team in the conference.  There are two more that offer a strong combination of talent and coaching. Beyond that, at least for now, it is a hot mess. In other words, I'll probably just throw this ballot away and start over next week.

My SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot for the week ending January 8th:

  1. Kentucky - Kentucky's RPI will drop for the next two weeks as they feast upon the bones of the have nots in the conference.
  2. Alabama - I'm a believer. Only Kentucky is more athletic. Only Kentucky has more talent. Only Kentucky is better, right now.
  3. Vandy - We know Vandy is good, but when will they have that inexplicable loss that just leaves us wondering when Kevin Stallings is going to change hair jells?
  4. Arkansas - The loss to Houston seems like it was so long ago. The win over Mississippi State begs the question: Are the Hogs good or the Dogs bad?
  5. Mississippi State - It was nice while it lasted, but this looks more like a Stansbury coached team.
  6. LSU - OMG, the Tigers won a conference game.
  7. Ole Miss - We've been looking for the next team to challenge Auburn for the West's basement. Andy Kenedy's team is on the clock.
  8. Florida - Dude, really? Tennessee?
  9. Tennessee - Yes, I know they beat Florida. They've got a long, long way to go before I'll believe that was anything more than a fluke.
  10. Georgia - Someone has to be king of the dip shits, right?
  11. South Carolina - Hello, we are dip shits.
  12. Auburn - Bad basektball team. Yeah, I misspelled it intentionally because it isn't fair to the other teams to use the term 'basketball team' when talking about Auburn besektball. 
I'll link it when it is released. Feel free to use big words to explain how badly I messed up.


Anonymous said...

Take Florida tonight. I promise you will win money and I don't even know what the line is.

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