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February 16, 2012

Commings Suspension

There has been some speculation that Sanders would be facing far worse than suspensions, since you know, you DON'T HIT GIRLS. The reports out last week were that he might be facing more from the University for violation of the school's conduct code.  Now with word out that he has been suspended for two games, it is safe to assume there is less to the story than has been made.

Before you go all YOU DON'T HIT GIRLS on me, I am very aware of the delicate situation Coach Richt is in here. However, every story has two sides, especially stories that involve 'he said, she said' that take place downtown after midnight. I am sure a few Pimm's Cup and Zima were ingested by the relevant parties, including the witnesses. That certainly doesn't give anyone the right to go hitting on someone, but it does call into question the validity of the stories of all parties, witnesses included. Likely, the truth lies between a mere push and a roundhouse MMA punch. Coach Richt would not have issued any suspension now unless he was pretty confident that Sanders is facing, at worse, misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

You can also bet part of his stipulation is that Sanders not have contact with that particular lady, or, at the minimum, engage in some sort of counseling to help avoid this happening again.  Hopefully, he'll abide by these terms.



Anonymous said...

This smells of complete crap fabricated by a drama queen.

And Commings is already being suspended for it - for 2 games that are half a year away.

Anonymous said...

Many people with this knee-jerk reaction you describe would do well to better educate themselves beyond the feminist propaganda they've been beaten over the head with since most everything they've been told is a lie:

Your take and analysis here was fair and impartial; every story has two sides and I doubt it's as clear cut as "don't hit girls-he should be gone."

Anonymous said...

TD -

The suspension was simply a "had to" by Richt to assuage the sanctimonious media and bloggers.

There is actually way less to this story than "a simple shove". Those that know the situation will tell you two things:
* Sanders is broken up that he's been cast in this light.
* That girl is a gold-digging nutjob that does all in her power to make his life hell.

Nobody who knows the situation would blame him for clocking her, but everyone who was there will tell you he did nothing of the sort, in spite of her repeated attempts to bait him into doing so. Commings should be APPLAUDED for the maturity and restraint he showed that night.

Oh, and there will be no charges once all the parties are interviewed.

Anonymous said...

Typical feminist police state overreaching. Some girl comes and tells a story - immediate arrest without further investigation. Why? b/c she was harassing him and he pushed her hand off from grabbing his jacket and pushed her away in an attempt to get away from her-ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Sticky Dickey

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:31,

It's ridiculous to suggest that Richt "had to" suspend Commings. He should have done what he was supposed to do and protect his player from public judgement until the legal process plays itself out. It's ridiculous to give Richt a free pass for what he's done here.

I wouldn't have a problem with suspending him from team activities until the process is finished, if CMR feels that it's a distraction to the team. But announcing he's going to be suspended for games next year gives the impression that he's guilty.

NRBQ said...

Methinks you use the term "lady" rather loosely.

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