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February 21, 2012

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Week of February 19th

  1. Kentucky - A conference loss might help the Wildcats, or their coach, going into the NCAAs.
  2. Florida - Are we to the point of buying Florida's ability to make a tourney run? At least they won't face the Vols there.
  3. Vanderbilt - Kevin Stallings re-ups his hair club for men subscription after getting the road monkey off his back this week.
  4. Alabama - Not sure why, but I think the suspensions might actually help Grant's team.
  5. Mississippi State - I have them too high, but no one below them has me convinced they are better.
  6. Mississippi - Did not compete, at all, last week. Seriously, did they send anyone to those games?
  7. LSU - Might go 10-6, might go 8-8, might go 6-10. Hard to tell with this group.
  8. Tennessee - They might be the best .500 team in the nation.
  9. Arkansas - I've got nothing, much like Arkansas does on the road.
  10. Auburn - Auburn might actually make the NIT, which is change I can believe in.
  11. Georgia - Youth + no inside offense=SEC fail.
  12. South Carolina - I know they beat Georgia. I know they beat Georgia. I know they beat Georgia. They are still worse. (See RPI, bad losses, no good wins).
I took all the 6-6 teams and went straight by the RPI. I am sure I saved plenty of brain cells and my reasoning is as sound as any. Also, I know South Carolina beat Georgia. I just couldn't find myself putting Georgia back at the bottom (I did so two weeks ago), considering the body of work between the two. I had Georgia last until I looked at the RPI and the wins vs. losses.



Anonymous said...

Of our top 9 players, 5 are upperclassmen (Robinson, Ware, Brantley, V. Williams, and Florveus). Considering this and considering what college basketball has become, I don't understand how you can use "youth" as a reason for us being terrible.

FYI, the other 4 that I consider to be in our "top 9" are D. Williams, Thornton, Caldwell-Pope, and Djurisic (2 sophomores and 2 freshmen).

Tyler Dawgden said...

By minutes played, those 'other four' are in the top six (KCP-1st, Donte-4th, Neme-5th, Marcus-6th). Not to mention Florveus-7th in minutes-is a Junior, but this is his first top flight competition since AAU.

Anonymous said...

You are a controversial guy trying to even rank UGA and USC. Most would just label them untouchables and look away.

Serious question, would either USC or UGA finish in the top half of the Southern Conference?

Anonymous said...

Emmy Barbee

Anonymous said...

Well, it could be narrowed down even more - 2 of our top 3 are seniors.

I don't think many college basketball experts would say we're young by today's standards. Unproven maybe but not young.

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