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June 29, 2012

In new playoff format, SEC lands zero teams in '05, '01 and '00

This "playoff" format isn't a win for the SEC in its current format.  The highest rated SEC teams in these final regular season BCS standings were:
  • '05 UGA at #7
  • '01 UF at #5 (w/o winning the SEC East)
  • '00 UF at #7
That's three out of 14 seasons in which the SEC would not have placed a team in the playoff under its current format.  Wait...surely that will be offset by the years in which the SEC would place a second team in the playoffs.


Years the SEC's second team was in consideration:
  • '11 Obviously we would've still gotten two teams
  • '09 UF at #5 behind undefeated TCU.
  • '08 UA at #4 in front of #5 P10 Champ USC.
  • '07 UGA at #5 in BCS and #4 in Human Polls. VT as ACC Champ probably goes over us.
  • '06 LSU at #4 in front of P10 Champ USC at #5
Either '09 or '08, the SEC might have gotten a second team.  Especially with Tebow hype in '09.  However, the committee has a stated unofficial goal of recognizing league champions and strength of schedule when the voting is close.

Every member of the committee outside of the Southeast is in that room pushing a team other than the SEC school for the final slot.  That's why I don't see this as a win for us.

  • This structure will never see the end of its 12 year contract before going to 8 teams
  • The SEC will reactively go to 9 league games to shut up the critics in the selection room after they use the 8 game schedule as an excuse to keep an SEC team out.



Bernie said...

So what you're saying is, the only real upside is eventually getting a 9 game slate.

I may just reacquaint myself with the game of golf.

Anonymous said...

I'm for going to 4 teams but not using the horrible selection format that they've chosen. I'd rather see an RPI type poll used. Hell, I'd rather see the crummy BCS rankings used.

I wouldn't bet against your predictions. The Notre Dame AD is already talking about the importance of non-conference scheduling, as if all conferences are created equal.

With that being said, I like an 8 team playoff too (just not anything bigger than that).

FisheriesDawg said...

As to your first prediction, that makes me sad.

At least your second prediction makes me feel a little better.

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