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June 29, 2012

The Upside: Crowell Didn't Have Pot...Anymore


Definitely don't have to worry about too many players wearing #1 now. I bet Coach Richt loves him all the way to Jacksonville State before this is over.

No other players arrested, but four others in the car with him. If they are players, it is going to be an interesting summer parlor game figuring out who it was and if they'll miss 1 to 4 games.

-Towers' Article(
-Emerson's Article with booking photo (


JJBA said...

As Randy Marsh would say..... See ya!

Hunkering Hank said...

It's not even a surprise anymore.

Shiz said...

Heard Josh Harvey-Clemons was in the car. That was the guy Richt had to go to church with to help get him here.

Anonymous said...

Time for Crowell to go. Obviously a low life who just happens to be able to run. Hope he's gone

Anonymous said...

This is not the type of comment I've come to expect from this blog. You can do better than this.


Anonymous said...

Me to im tired of his crap

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