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July 20, 2012

Best Quotes from SEC Media Days, Day 3

"A little less conversation, a little more action." 
-Derek Dooley, Tennessee coach on taking care of business

"I'm young. I'm a technology guy." 
- Dooley on being young and a technology guy

"A lot of these freshman, we haven't got a chance to get down there and put our hands on them" 
-Derek Dooley on being the King of Shower Discipline...or something

"It's not just on Coach Dooley, it's on us all."
-Herman Lathers, Tennessee Line Backer on his coach's seat

"I was even going to consider wearing a visor on the sidelines this year. I'm afraid I'd throw it." 
- Nick Saban, Alabama coach on his respect for Spurrier

"I've never seen him yawn."
- Michael Williams, Alabama tight end on Nick Saban

"Do I know? I do know. Yeah, we’ll share it some time but not today.”
-Mark Richt, Georgia coach on possible suspensions to come

"Some people have policies that bring things to light and some people don't."
- Richt on off-field issues

 "I can play running back, quarterback, center...well, not really center." 
-Tavarres King, Georgia wide receiver on his versatility

"We will circle that date and look forward to changing his perception."
-Hugh Freeze, Mississippi coach after Spurrier jab at Ole Miss

"All we have equal with Alabama and LSU is time." 
- Freeze comparing Ole Miss with the top two programs in the SEC West


BuLLdawg said...

Mark Richt, SEC Media days last night Day 3 : "Oh, I don't know, if Zach Mettenberger was still with Georgia, Zach would be competing to be the starter, if not being the starter."

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