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July 31, 2012

Donte' Williams Cleared

When Donte got arrested for pot possession in May at Lenox Square Mall , there was something about the story that didn't make sense. I have no idea what it was, but apparently Fulton County is satisfied it wasn't worth pursuing.  His case has been dropped.

He has passed multiple drug tests and likely faces some sort of discipline from Fox, but I do like the statement Fox made:
"I think the important thing for him is really when he's trying to get a job and he's 30 years old and people Google his name, I want the truth to be known."
Now, we can go into his alleged admittance to police he smoked up right before the stop, but I am very glad he has passed the drug tests and very glad he won't have this arrest to contend with. Hopefully, whatever lesson that needed to be learned about place, time, and people has been learned.

For the record, if you are Googling Donte' Williams, UGA basketball player, in 2020 and find this article, please leave a comment. That'd be kind of cool.



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