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August 1, 2012

Wednesday's Question for Georgia's Camp

Today the players reported at the crack of dawn for a conditioning test. Today, I fret about conditioning:

Will the changes in S&C translate to game time? Best summer ever. 100% participation. All guys buying in. Great senior leadership. Strong team bond.

All things we have heard, ad nauseam, since the advent of Internet news coverage of college football. All things that are throw away lines for use by players and coaches in early August press releases

Now, there are some things we can point to that indicate a real change in the S&C program.  First, there have been some interesting hires. A speed coach. Someone with recent experience running a noted S&C program.  I don't think there is any doubt the Dawgs were a better conditioned team last year, however we still allowed progressively more yards/carry as the game wore on (a reversal from 2010) and gained fewer rushing yards per carry as the game wore on.

Will we be stronger and faster this year? Will we get progressively stronger?

If we are to match up with the teams we'll have to beat if we want to play and win in Atlanta in December, we'll need to.  



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