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July 30, 2012

First Question going into Georgia's Camp

Football practice starts this week, but the hand wringing over the offensive will continue on for weeks.

First question for the opening of camp:

How does the offensive line come together? Seriously, how? A few weeks ago, I was trending optimistic. While those reasons are still legitimate, I am now less optimist.  Why? Perhaps it is a bit closer to the season. I know we have talented players on the offensive line. I know we have a strong blocking TE.  They are just so, so young.

So, how do they come together? I don't know. It isn't hard to say that they can be very, very good. It also isn't hard to see how there will be growing pains. There is an S&C component to this, especially considering the guys that have been on campus. Being in a position to play a whole game will be huge. Being able to move guys, win the battles, will be equally huge. The way I see it, we'll know pretty early what the rotation will look like.

Hopefully, that'll mean 30+practices with guys getting the right feel for their roles.




ULIKA BBQ said...

I'm also still a little worried about the eligibility of Kolton.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Yeah, this is a big mystery. One one hand, if it is internal, they either he is eligible or he isn't. On the other, if this is an NCAA eligibility thing, then he might not get cleared until mid-season or later....

Now, there are those that think he'll be cleared to play. I'm just not sure I feel that confident. Getting him back is huge, if it happens.

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