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July 7, 2012

Football Season Starts Next Week

With the media going on vacation and the preponderance of the recruiting wars winding down as players start to get their heads into their Senior seasons, it is time to start getting reasonably excited about college football being played.

A few things to get you ready:
  • Blutarsky thinks we look more like an NFL team than a college team.
  • I expect Missouri will have to run the ball a lot to open the season, considering their QB hasn't thrown a real football in three months...and likely won't for another three weeks.
  • For those defending Georgia's scholarship issues with 'it isn't as easy as you think,' I'd point to the ability of Jim Mora to figure it out as exhibit of A of 'maybe it is just that easy.'
  • Yeah, this was too good to be true...or was it?
  • Georgia's Blue Ribbon Preview is like cotton candy. Tasty and swirly, but you just end up not really feeling like you've gotten anything for your three dollars.
  • Texas A&M players can't wait to get into the SEC. Bro, that drinking and fighting thing is only tolerated in Gainesville.
  • Speaking of, Texas A&M doesn't like being taunted. Maybe they should have done some due diligence before joining the SEC.

(Not the actual video, but much better)

Have a good weekend. It is getting closer to getting real, y'all.


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