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July 9, 2012

Georgia's Coaches Spend Week Discussing New Ways to Run Quick Draw

I kid, I kid.

Now that baseball is on the All-Star Break, NBA is both a week from being done and a week from starting again, and South Carolina Missouri has appointed themselves the team to beat in the SEC East SEC Nation Galaxy, football season has started.
Off limits until January 15th, at least.
Georgia's coaches are sequestered, planning the season out. I am not sure what level of detail they will get into. One thing I am sure of, they are going to discuss ways to keep players busy enough that they can't spend too much time at Aftermath.

Three things I hope come out of the meetings:
  • A focus on involving the fullbacks and tight ends into the offense. I noted that Artie Lynch isn't going to run away from linebackers the way Orson did. He is going to present some challenges with his height. Jay Rome will  present both height and speed challenges for linebackers. Depending on how camp shakes out, you will either see Samuel or freshman Quavon Hicks at FB. Both are relatively tall for the position (6'2"). With Mitchell seeing time on Coach Grantham's side of the ball, getting looks to the TEs and FBs as first options will help ameliorate some of the anticipated offensive line's depth/youth and the necessity of Murray to have perfect footwork.
  • With only one #1 on the team, a focus on getting Branden Smith involved in the offense more. I'm not real sure this one will be done, but a guy can hope.
  • Developing a camp that will get guys into game shape and best prepare them for the start of football season. All Spurrier jokes aside, it has been since at least 2008 that we have looked ready for the first few weeks of the season. All Mizzu jokes aside, Faurot Field will be as jacked as it ever has been on September 8th. Georgia has to be clicking on all cylinders to win in Columbia west.
No matter what the coaches plan or work on, you have to think figuring out how to keep the rails from coming off the team's chemistry will be part of the discussion.



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