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July 13, 2012

Friday Roundup

Stuff that caught my attention this morning:
  • Blutarsky has his take on Vandy's new uniforms...and Jay Franklin's bluster about the New Vandy™. My take is that Jamie is still trying to convince the locals that it is really different. No really.
  • Speaking of, "Look Good, Play Good" is very close to good job, good effort, amirite? (yes, a two ™ post)
  • Bernie invokes physics, philosophy and high grade meth cooking in advocating keeping players too tired to fish. I'm a bit uncertain about that.
  • Straight cash, homie! Garner (oh, my) Trooper out Sabans Saban to get Foster.
  • Lane Kiffin definitely can have some coffee.
  • Notre Dame to the ACC? I guess it could happen. Actually, it makes sense from a "'hey, we are still relevant!'/throws sucker in dirt" rant standpoint.
  • Florida students, ever vigilant in not wanting to fall behind Georgia, think showing up late for games is so 1980s. They just won't go.
  • After watching Millen go on about JoePa, I couldn't help but to think about Frank Chirkinian in Tin Cup asking someone, anyone to 'tackle that guy.' 
A little music to ease you into the weekend. Here's hoping you aren't one belt loop from the Sunday night news.



Dash said...

I think you meant "Trooper" not "Garner". Chest Bump!

Tyler Dawgden said...

You are right. I did mean Trooper. Clearly.

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