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July 12, 2012

Apparently I was Wrong

About recruiting settling down. I leave recruiting to the professionals and those that have way more spare time the laser like focus and determination to follow it closely. Yeah, I know I occasionally go Rainman about about it or make poorly worded snarky comments here and there, but recruiting has gone from a January/February parlor game to a full time endeavor. Anyway, it looks like today could be an interesting day.  Or not. Whatever

  • The professionals indicate conflicting reports about Rueben Foster, who is supposed to be a cod lock to go to Alabama. Anyway, Foster is giving a presser this afternoon at 2pm Central Time, which is 3pm real people time.
  • Bernie gives us the short and sweet true on two Dawg signees.
  • Derrick Henry is going to Dawg Night. The list looks pretty impressive right now.
  • A guy to watch this season as he continues to grow up is Brandon Kublanow. Reminds me of David Pollock, but he plays offensive line.


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