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July 15, 2012

Georgia Kickoff Time and TV Projections

Here is my best guess on the Georgia kickoff times and TV network coverage. Much thanks to Jim in Duluth for the insight.

9/1 - Buffalo 12:20 SEC net
9/8 - at Mizzou  8:00 ESPN
9/15 - Fla. Atlantic 12:20 SEC net
9/22 - Vandy 12:20 SEC net
9/29 - Tenn. 7:00 ESPN2
10/6 - at SC 3:30 CBS
10/20 - at Ky 7:00 ESPNU
10?27 - Fla (JAX) 3:30 CBS
11/3 - Ole Miss 3:30 CBS
11/10 - at Auburn 12 noon CBS
11/17 - Ga. Southern 12:30 PPV
11/24 - Ga. Tech 7:00 ESPN2

I feel 100% about Buffalo. Honestly, Mizzu could be a Noon Eastern (11am local!) kick or it could be a 9pm Eastern kick. I just took a guess there, but Jim thinks it will be at 4pm on ESPN, so take my guess for what it is worth. He notes that the UGA/Mizzu and UF/TAMU games are basically interchangeable. FAU is another guess. Jim has us with the 7pm game on FSN.

We'll know on those three tomorrow:

As for the other games, I have us slotted against Kentucky in a night game, while Jim thinks we'll be SECN at 12:20 again. I kept going back and forth on the Tech game. I originally had it as an early game on ESPN, then the 7pm game. If we have a night game in Athens, that is when we'll have it, IMHO (yes, I know I have Tenn slotted for night, too, but if we only have one, I'm sticking with Tech). That and Jim's slotting it there won the day.  The only other game that is set in stone is the Georgia-Florida game at 3:30 on CBS.



Tyler Dawgden said...

It has been noted that I have 2 home night games, but stated that there be just one. I think we'll have two, but if we end up with just one, it'll be Tech, not Tenn.

Anonymous said...

Ole Miss on CBS at 3:30? Must be some horrible matchups that week.

UGA70 said...

I'd be very shocked if the Ole Miss game is on CBS.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Actually, the slate that day isn't terrible, but that is the day of the OMG!1! Bama/LSU rematch, with a guaranteed 8pm kickoff on CBS in Baton Rouge. All of the rest of the games will have to be day games with ESPN getting priority pick, which Jim and I both think will be Mizzu at Florida at noon.

After that, the slate is...bare. If Texas A&M and/or Miss State are in the hunt in the West, they could move a head of Georgia. Game goes if Vandy and Kentucky have implications in the East. The other games are super compelling OOC match-ups featuring Tulsa/Arkansas, Troy at Tennessee (which I am picking as my CSS upset of the year), and New Mexico State at Auburn.

Basically, the thinking goes that of the games left after LSU/Bama OMG1!! and Mizzu/Florida, Georgia will offer the best team, standing wise. I think TAMU/Miss State will be a battle of a couple of .500 or so teams. Vandy/Kentucky has no draw at all. Unless Georgia and Ole Miss are awful, Missouri and Florida are awful, or Georgia and Ole Miss are both great (in which case ESPN would grab them for their noon National game), it'll be the CBS 3:30 game.

Tyler Dawgden said...

If you want to talk about craptacular day of SEC football, look at November 17:

Ole Miss @ LSU
Tenn @ Vandy
Arky @ Miss St

then it gets bad:

Syracuse @ Mizzu
Ga Southern @ Georgia
Alabama A&M at Auburn
Jacksonville St @ UF
Wofford @ South Carolina
Western Carolina @ 'Bama
Sam Houston State @ TAMU

I count two directionals, two made up state names, one A&M, one made up city college, and the second best regarded private DI-AA school in the Upstate.

Anonymous said...

As for the 8pm Bama/LSU rematch, I am pretty sure I read that after last years "game of the century #1", this year would not be a night game. And look for a 12:30 UGA kickoff. This is not a CBS game.

Tyler Dawgden said...

11/3 is already designated as the one CBS Prime Time game. CBS gets first pick on that date for the exclusive SEC game.

I don't remember any sort of agreement or chatter, but it'd have to be pretty ironclad to not have Alabama at LSU kickoff in Prime Time, especially considering the slate of games that day.

Jarred said...

I am banking on UGA v Vandy being a night game.. not much of a slate that day and we won't get the 3:30 game.. with what went down last year I can see ESPN at least having something to hype. And Florida vs. Kentucky is tailor made for a noon game.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Apparently, it is more set in stone than I imagined. Unless Joe Alleva was lying, Bama-LSU will be the night game on CBS that week.

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