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July 16, 2012

SEC Game Times and TV Announced for First Three Weeks of Season

As promised.

Georgia's TV and kickoff times:

Buffalo - SEC Net 12:21 PM
Missouri - ESPN2 7:45 PM
Florida Atlantic - CSS 7:30 PM

The only real surprise is the FAU kickoff. Is this a harbinger of more night games than years past or a bone being thrown to the fans for when we get a steady diet of Noon ESPN kickoffs later this season in Athens?


PS. One other tidbit that was in the updated SEC TV schedule is them placing the Alabama/LSU game for real at 8pm on November 3rd.


HobnailedBoots said...

Call me a Disney, but if Georgia is 3-0 to start the season and avoids getting tripped up at Mizzou, I think there will be enough interest in a top 10 Georgia team to keep there from being too many noon kickoffs. Georgia Southern obviously being the exception.

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