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July 17, 2012

Prop Bets for SEC Media Days

Number of times Saban won't have time for that shit - 3.5
Number of Football national championships Alabama will claim - 18.5
Urban Meyer mentions by Florida media - 11.5
How many times Mark Richt will lose control of his team while in Hoover - 5.5
Number of Ed Hardy T-shirts Aaron Murray will wear during Media Days - 1.5
Jumbo glasses of wine Gary Pinkel will have - 2.5
How many hairs Derek Dooley will have out of place - 2.5
Quotes from Les Miles involving the word 'chest' - 4.5
Number of times Texas A&M's coach will be referred to as Kevin Summerlin - 3.5
Number of media members bitching about the food in the hotel - 944.5
Number of checks John L. Smith picks up - .5
Number of times Spurrier gives a back handed compliment to Will Muschamp - 2.5
Lane Kiffin mentions by Tennessee media - 6.5
Tim Tebow mentions by Skip Bayless during Media Days - 13.5
Tim Tebow mentions by the rest of the Media field during Media Days - 5.5
Times Jamey Franklin mentions Vandy changing the culture - 7.5
Number of media members bitching about the Internet service at the Wynfrey - ∞



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