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July 18, 2012

Richt is Right on Not Announcing Suspensions

With the recent whispers now rising from chatter to full blown OHMYGODRICHTISCHEATINGTHEYARESOSCARREDTOPLAYMIZZUTHATHEYDLOSETHATINTEGRITYTHINY, I do want to point out something that should be fairly obvious: There has only been one announced suspension.

I know, I know, 'facts' should never keep fans, bloggers or reporters from acting irrationally, but only Sanders Commings has been definitely, for real announced, suspended. The rest has been speculation, built upon supposition and fortified with the ever present Twitter/blog/Facebook/AJC validation, myself included.

That leads me to this, that the policy of silence about suspensions that seemed to start last season with Bacarri Rambo against Boise State and included Coach Richt sitting Crowell because 'he loves him' against Vandy is looking more and more sound. As Paul has been telling me for months (and pointed out on the Dawg Run and comments on Get the Picture), if you spot test those guys and they are clean through 10-15 tests, there is no reason to suspend them considering the circumstances. There is nothing beneficial, with the exception of giving fans, bloggers and reporters something to write/bitch about, that comes from making those announcements. As it, not announcing it only merely annoys fans and reporters.

As for the possible suspensions, I think it remains to be seen what happens with Branden Smith due to his late night dirty roll through Henry County. I agree with PWD that if the Ogletrees and Rambo come through the summer clean, they'll play. 

Finally, before Missouri fans go all Stingtalk on us...actually, never mind. Go Stingtalk on us. You've got the colors. It'll make holding Missouri fans in disdain easier this way.



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