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July 19, 2012

Best Quotes from SEC Media Days, Day 2

"SEC West separates itself from a lot of other conferences because of the offense & defensive lines." 
-Gene Chizik, Auburn coach while channeling Les Miles, apparently

Well, certainly.  Do I look stupid? 
-John L. Smith, Arkansas coach on if he wants to coach at Arkansas beyond his 10 month contract

 "We played everybody but the Green Bay Packers" 
-Les Miles, LSU coach on their 2011 schedule (recycling a line from last season)

“I’m selling our basketball program, I would be crazy to fight that.”
-Joker Phillps, Kentucky coach on the Wildcat basketball program

“We ain’t really worried about that new coach. He’s not gonna get out there and play a snap.”
-Johnthan Banks, Mississippi State DB on Mississippi's Hugh Freeze

"No game is won on the twitter page. It's a nice pastime, like media days" 
-Lesticles, on Tyrann Matheiu's Twitter habit

"Corey we know is a junior. Again, Emory and Philip were juniors last year and we brought them here last year, as I recall."
- Chizik, on the players he brought to Media Days

"I'm not sitting down right now, so there's nothing hot"
-Phillips, on the hot seat talk in Lexington

"Coach Dooley never complained about it being in Jacksonville."
-Will Muschamp, Florida coach on the Georgia/Florida game


Anonymous said...

One more...
"'Get your piss hot' is something that John L. Smith says to get you ready to play," said Wright. "It's something he uses to motivate us and keep us fired up."

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