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July 19, 2012

SEC Media Thinks Georgia Has Easy Schedule, Too

The Dawgs are picked to win the East, LSU is picked to win the West and the Conference Championship, Alabama is picked to win the National Championship.  Dawgs pick up 132 first place votes to place ahead of South Carolina.  In the West, LSU picked up 139 votes to pace Alabama, however Alabama was picked  by more voters to win the SEC than Georgia was. Basically, the writers have no confidence in the SEC East. Ole Miss, though picked to finish last in the West at 300 votes behind sixth place Mississippi State, did pick up one first place vote. That prevented them from finishing behind Troy.

Jarvis and Bacarri are first team All-SEC selections. Big John Jenkins is second team, as is Aaron Murray. Tavarres King and Kenarious Gates is third team.  Six selections for All-SEC...that is it.



BuLLdawg said...

Not one 1st-team All-SEC on Offense. What does that tell you ?

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