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August 31, 2012

3 Questions: Buffalo

Oh, it is back. Football season.  On to the questions....

  1. Does Georgia hold the Bulls scoreless? Not to make too much of this, but Buffalo is starting a dual threat QB in Alex Zordich who is a career 41% passer. He started four games two years ago and completed only 41% of his passes. As a backup last year, he completed 41% of his passes. The best I can tell, the dual part of his abilities is that he is an adept scrambler that won't take many sacks, but isn't a real threat to run. They have the MAC's best running back returning in Brandon Oliver (1395 yds, 13 TDs). They do have a decent returning kicker, so they could hit mid-range FGs. Look for Buffalo to try to establish Oliver to free up Zordich to throw the ball. Keeping the Bulls off the scoreboard isn't a pie in the sky goal here.
  2. Can we establish a rhythm at tailback? Boo gets the start. Marshall and Gurley will see plenty of touches. I expect to see Samuel get touches as both a TB and a FB.  The key will be allowing all four the chance to get comfortable with game speed behind (and oftentimes beside) Murray.
  3. Can we keep the offensive line healthy? Until we find at least two more guys that work their way into the 'top X' discussion, we are perilously thin at Oline. I'd love to see us get Beard, Long and Pyke some meaningful snaps without having to do so because someone got toted to the training room.
Overall, this should be a relatively easy game. Their best defensive player is sitting due to team rules violations (insert your own Mark Richt has lost control of joke here). Buffalo has significantly regressed since Turner Gill left. I'd love to see an Old Testament style beat down, not because of the opponent, but because we should be able to do so without sweating.



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